Dead Flat® Designs Around the World

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Dead Flat® Designs Around the World

25 July 2023

Today, we’re taking a tour around the globe and seeing how four exceptional designers have transformed spaces with our all new ultra-matt, multi-surface finish, Dead Flat®. From a bright city apartment to a sun-soaked summer retreat, be whisked away to a world of colour and see Dead Flat® in action.

Gergei Erdei – UK

A lover of maximalism, glamour and 70s interiors, Gergei Erdei put Dead Flat to work transforming his living room, bedroom and entrance hall.

The London-based artist and designer used Mahogany and Bancha to create a space that feels, in his words, like “the home of an ex-socialite, flamboyant grandma living in the Upper East Side”. With a passion for antiques and furniture, he needed a colour scheme to complement and balance the bold pieces throughout his home. And these rich shades certainly fit the bill. Mahogany creates a warm, cocoon of colour perfect for candle-lit evenings, while Bancha is the ideal background to his many brass accents.

Using Dead Flat across every space, Gergei has been singing the praises of both its aesthetics and its practicality: “The fact that it can be used on almost any surface is amazing. This versatility just makes it so easy to use and the matt finish gives a very fresh feel. Also, as with all Farrow & Ball paints, Dead Flat is odour free. The day after we painted the rooms, I was back to the flat and could already sleep comfortably in the bedroom.”

Nathalie Rives – France

Sun-soaked and radiating warmth, the colours in this converted barn are an ode to summer. You can practically feel the sun on your face just looking at the space in the South of France. Created by designer Natalie Rives, the colour scheme of Orangery and Brinjal brings the outside in, inspired by the abundance of figs and sunflowers just beyond the windows.

A true lover of colour, Nathalie adores combining shades across different surfaces and textiles. In fact, she considers herself and her team to be an integral part of the colour revolution, encouraging clients to embrace going bold. So, multi-surface Dead Flat is the ideal choice for her approach allowing, as she describes it, “true creative freedom without constraints or interruptions”.

Studio Ahead – USA

Collected, comfortable and fresh, this Victorian home has been given a new lease of life with a top-to-toe coat of Skylight. Complete with the original fireplace, mouldings and hardwood floor, the bright and breezy space is the creation of interior design firm, Studio Ahead.

Based in San Francisco, Studio Ahead approach interiors a little differently. Rather than starting with what you may want a space to look like, they want to know how you use it. Where do you like to eat? Do you lounge or do you sit up straight? Then they get to work on the visuals. In this case, they wanted to create a balance of feeling open and grounded by playing on the duality of earth and sky, using warm tones for the table, rugs and sofas from contemporary design gallery The Future Perfect, and light grey skylight on the walls.

For this design team, Dead Flat is the dream come true: “We used to get some pushback (rightfully so) from contractors because we wanted everything matt and they’d say matt wasn’t durable enough for woodwork. So, we’d compromise with eggshell. Now we have an extremely durable finish in Dead Flat, which is also no sheen. No compromise needed!”

Tadan – Germany

©Photo Catherine Peter for Tadan

Created by German interior design studio and art advisory Tadan, this small Berlin apartment is a haven in the midst of the city. Using Lancaster Yellow from our Archive, the team of “decorators” (as they call themselves) had big plans for this transformation: “We wanted the room to feel like a bijou box. A tarte au citron you can enjoy in one piece. So Dead Flat was ideal for us, as we wanted the apartment to look like it was dipped into one pot of colour: the walls, cabinetry, radiator and ceiling.”

©Photo Catherine Peter for Tadan

The room may be on the smaller side but the use of Lancaster Yellow across the whole space helps blur harsh lines, making it feel open and unified. The wide windows looking out onto the trees of Berlin’s Tiergarten add to this airy, calm feel of an urban oasis.

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