By Design: Creating a Holiday Home at Home

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By Design: Creating a Holiday Home at Home

25 July 2023

Walls: Stone Blue No.86 | Window Frames: Hague Blue No.30 | Ceiling: School House White No.292

All photos © Olly Hunter & Claire Bingham

Step inside this Nottingham flat and be whisked away to a world of colour. Cosy yet curated, bold yet relaxed, classic yet utterly unique, this space is a masterclass in interiors. Our favourite part? The way the space feels like you could be on holiday, while also feeling so totally familiar. Although, the bathroom snug is definitely a close second.

We caught up with Jodie — or @thehouseupstairs as she’s known on Instagram — to find out how she used Farrow & Ball paint to create this marvellous home.

Left: Pannelling in School House White No.291 Bath painted in Charleston Gray No.243 | Right: Yeabridge Green No.287

Can you tell us about yourself, your style and your home?

I'm Jodie, a makeup artist turned interior designer. I live in a maisonette in Nottingham with my partner Olly and our dog Roy Dandy. The flat was pretty much derelict when we bought it, so we did a very fast and very hectic six-month renovation to make it home.

I’d say my style is eclectic, joyful, timeless, relaxed and lived in. It's quite traditionally English but at the same time, I also love for it to feel 'well travelled' and like we could potentially be in the Med!

Painted in Parma Gray No.27

Why did you choose these colours? How did you go about choosing them?

I wanted the house to feel like a holiday: joyful, happy and relaxed. I love colour, so wanted to use it confidentially around the house but always with a sense of balance.

In the sitting room, I chose Stone Blue for everywhere except the ceiling and window frames, which I think makes a stronger colour feel more relaxed. In the hall and dining room I used setting plaster to create a dreamy, flattering and chic top-to-toe look, Then, I used Red Earth on the door for a little moment of clash. I colour drenched our guest room in Yeabridge Green and used Parma Gray in the en suite to create a gentle contrast. I stuck with School House White as my only white to connect all the areas together. 

What vision did you have for your home?

The most important question we asked at the start of our renovation was 'how do we want to live?'. Our answer was that we wanted to easily entertain, be able to relax in comfort and live open plan but with some private areas. Our other priority was for the house to feel lived in, like the interior had always been here. We didn’t want it to look too perfect.

Walls: Setting Plaster No.231 | Door: Red Earth No.64 | Ceiling, Stairs and Woodwork: School House White No.291

Do you have a favourite room or favourite colour you’ve used?

Gosh, I honestly love it all! If I had to pick, I think Setting Plaster is such a gentle flattering colour and it connects so well to the bolder colours in the rooms that lead off the hallway. It's a perfect neutral, everyone loves it and I’m sure I'll use it in every house I ever live in. It looks wonderful in daylight, lamplight and candlelight.

How does the house make you feel?

Our house makes me feel inspired, relaxed and proud. It’s a true expression of us. I hope it also makes our guests feel relaxed, comfortable and festive, and we find it generally does.

Why did you choose Farrow & Ball?

I love how Farrow & Ball colours work so easily together and the timeless, classic yet modern element in every shade. Plus, the website is great to browse for inspiration images and suggestions on how to pair colours together.

What’s next for your home?

Our next project is the slightly odd garden we have attached to our entrance. Then we’ll start on our dressing room, which is currently the general storage and dumping ground of the house!

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