By Design: A Coastal Kitchen by Megan Robson

By Design: A Coastal Kitchen by Megan Robson

13 March 2023

Megan Robson is the creative eye behind Kit & Co, the interiors Instagram filled with beautiful images of her stunning seaside home in Scotland. Cosy and welcoming, while also sophisticated and refined, her design style is adored by thousands – including us.

One of Megan’s latest transformations was her kitchen. She wanted to bring some more warmth to this sun-soaked, south-facing space, and as our paint famously reacts beautifully with light, it was the ideal choice. Plus, on a practical level, our washable, mould-protected Modern Emulsion is just the ticket for keeping up with this busy family. We caught up with Megan to hear how she used two of our new colours – Selvedge and Stirabout – to give her kitchen a new look.

How did your kitchen look before?

Before this transformation, the walls were painted in Light Blue, another lovely Farrow & Ball shade. It did look beautiful because the room is south facing and opens up into the garden, so there is a lot of greenery in view.  

Why did you want to transform your kitchen? How did you want it to feel afterwards?

I decided to use a warming neutral, as the space is open plan with lots of rattan, jute rugs and French linens. The curtains are a raspberry, scalloped, ticking stripe, so I also wanted to complement those. I knew I wanted the walls neutral with a hint of warmth but I also wanted the woodwork to be fun and playful. Stirabout and Selvedge fit the bill perfectly. 

How would you describe your design style?

I love combining colour and pattern to create a homely and inviting Environment. I would say that best sums up my style.

Why did you choose Stirabout and Selvedge specifically? 

Stirabout is such a beautiful earthy tone, which is perfect for creating a relaxed feel. I used it on the walls and ceiling to really envelope the room and create that warmth I was after. Then, I combined it with Selvedge on the woodwork to create a point of interest and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. 

How does the final kitchen make you feel? And what do the rest of your family think?

We all love the finished look. It’s so bright and light, while at the same time, Stirabout is such a warming shade so at night the space feels really cosy. I absolutely love the feel of both colours against the natural linens and seagrass in our kitchen.

Any advice you’d like to share for someone embarking on their own transformation?

Be brave, take a leap of faith, try something different and embrace colour. It can really transform a room and lift your mood. 

Planning Your Own Kitchen Transformation?

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