By Design: A Calming Neutral Nursery With New Dead Flat®

By Design: A Calming Neutral Nursery With New Dead Flat®

2 April 2023

Calming, considered and colour drenched, this neutral nursery is the perfect sleep sanctuary, with a few playful touches too. Using our all-new Dead Flat® finish, the room is surrounded in deeper, durable colour ready to soothe sleepless nights and stand-up to sticky fingers later down the line. We caught up with the creator of this special space, Emma (or @homeonthegrove on Instagram), to hear all about the transformation.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your home?

Our home is an Edwardian, semi-detached house from 1908. We moved here just over 10 years ago and since then, we’ve extended to create another bedroom and an open-plan kitchen/ living space. We’ve tried to add back in missing original features and do all the renovation work ourselves, learning as we go. I’m currently on maternity leave with my second baby, so being creative with interiors is my bit of ‘me time’ and something I’ve been increasingly passionate about since buying my first home.

How would you describe your style?

I want to stay sympathetic to the age and style of our home when decorating. In most rooms, I’ve opted for classic, light schemes and I’ve tried to consider the orientation of the rooms to pick paint colours that enhance the light. In some of our cosy rooms, like the main bedroom, I’ve opted to colour drench in darker colours to create a point of difference, which I love. Over the years, I’ve become less trend driven and tried to invest in timeless, quality homewares.

What was the room like before? How did you go about transforming it into such a calming nursery?

Before, this room was a spare bedroom with a bold statement ceiling — a bit of a wildcard project during lockdown. Now, with the arrival of my second child, we needed the room for a new purpose: my son’s nursery room. I began by browsing Pinterest and Instagram and saving my favourite images. I wanted a calm feeling in here, so chose to use the same colour (Slipper Satin) across the ceiling, walls, woodwork and radiators to create a flow that’s easy on the eye. Then we exposed and sanded back the original floorboards, which I paired with a wool rug to add some cosiness.

What made you choose Slipper Satin and Vert De Terre for your colour scheme?

When I was browsing inspirational images, I kept seeing pale greens and warm neutrals coming up. So, I headed to my Farrow & Ball colour card to pick some potential combinations and ordered a few sample pots to try in the room. Slipper Satin is perfect for this room, as it’s so warming with the sunshine that comes streaming through. I chose Vert De Terre because I thought it was just the perfect pale green for my little boy’s furniture. The two shades look so lovely together. They’re a timeless, versatile colour combination.

What made you choose Dead Flat®/how have you found it?

This room gets lots of direct sunlight in the afternoon, so the very matt, 2% sheen appealed to me as it minimises light bounce and keeps the colours looking beautifully rich. Dead Flat® was also a practical choice too because it’s washable, wipeable and super durable, which will be perfect for all my little boy’s adventures (and mishaps!) in the years to come.

What do you think is key when creating a nursery?

I like to add a bit of fun, so I’ve used more accessorises in the nursery than I would elsewhere in my home. I often add prints and trinkets to my children’s rooms, which showcase their personalities. I think it’s really important for a child’s room to reflect who they are, so decorating this room after my son was born – he’s nearly three months old now – was a nice way to do that.

Do you have any top tips for creating calm?

I find neutrals provide a calming backdrop for a busy life, so I love using off whites. I also think it’s important to bring in warmth through texture and layering. For example, I’ve accessorised the nursery with a woollen rug, colourful playmats, woven storage baskets and scattered cushions. Even little touches like a small lamp can add a calming feel.

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