Behind the Colour: Dutch Orange

Written on 8th April 2021

Name and number: Dutch Orange No.W76

Palette: Colour by Nature

Primer & Undercoat: White & Light Tones

Complementary White: Orange Coloured White

Available in: Estate Emulsion, Modern Emulsion, Estate Eggshell, Modern Eggshell, Full Gloss, Exterior Eggshell


Like its Colour by Nature palette-mates, Dutch Orange is part of a story over two centuries in the making.

One of 16 shades created in partnership with London’s Natural History Museum, it takes its name and hue directly from Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours, a ground-breaking classification of colour in nature that was first published in 1814 and which later accompanied Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle.

Found in the golden crested wren (today called the goldcrest), marigolds, and the powdered form of the mineral red orpiment, Dutch Orange is well represented in the natural world but truly one of a kind when it comes to our palette, with an enlivening feel that’s second to none.


Dutch Orange delivers nothing short of glowing joy,” says Patrick O’Donnell. “It’s a rich, warming shade that hovers between the deepest yellow and lush ripe apricot, and it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted.”

To get the most of Dutch Orange’s rich, warm tones, Patrick recommends choosing a scheme that really lets the colour speak for itself. “Use it on walls in a south-facing sitting room drenched in light, which will really let you appreciate its full warmth. Or use it sparingly as an accent shade – Dutch Orange Estate Eggshell on your bedroom wardrobes, teamed with Orange Coloured White on walls and ceilings, would look spectacular.”


One of the best ways to find colour inspiration is through your fellow décor lovers. See how our social media followers have used Dutch Orange to bring a hit of sunshine to walls, woodwork, and even shop fronts!

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