Autumnal Hues to Fall For

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Autumnal Hues to Fall For

3 October 2023

The new season is a colour lover’s paradise, where fiery foliage rubs shoulders with crisp blue skies and the pavements are strewn with glossy chestnuts. Who wouldn’t want to capture a little of that magic indoors, too?

Luckily for us, our Brand Ambassador Patrick O’Donnell has found a way:

‘Fallen leaves of amber and copper, a quick stop at the local pub for a fireside drink and low light flattering the landscape, who doesn’t love Autumn and all the beauty it brings. So, with those quintessential autumn images in mind, here are three cosy and comforting schemes for your home.’

A warming glow

India Yellow, with its rich, rounded ochre notes, is a beautiful backdrop to an awkwardly lit room or will positively glow in a south-facing room drenched in autumnal light.

Paint your walls in Estate Emulsion, or Modern Emulsion for a busy household prone to exuberant living. For your woodwork, you could either go bold or a little safer. For a pared-back scheme, choose Stony Ground for skirting boards with White Tie on the ceiling. Or, for something stronger, take Studio Green across all your woodwork (skirting boards, window frames, the lot!) and an off white like Drop Cloth for the ceiling, which will help soften the edge where the strong wall colour stops.

A smart, timeless kitchen

We’ve all seen the renaissance of the pink kitchen over the last few years but red is also of the moment. Whether used as a splash of colour on a kitchen island or taken across all the cabinets, there is an elegant restraint with this look, especially if you err towards an earthy, brick red like Picture Gallery Red.

Paint your units in Modern Eggshell and team with Joa’s White on the walls - a gentle, red-blushed white that will flatter the woodwork colour. (Top tip: if your kitchen is quite small, just paint the lower units red and keep the top cabinets the same as your wall colour – this will help create a more open feel). For the ceiling, keep it simple with something like Dimity.

A soothing, relaxing space

As the nights draw in, we tend to spend more time indoors, so it’s important the rooms we live in are soothing and help us decompress from our day to day. Greens always seem to do this best but not any old green, our controversially named Blue Gray is just the ticket.

Blue Gray has just the right amount of colour to not dominate a space and layers beautifully with so many other shades, from terracotta tones like Red Earth, to steely blues like Inchyra Blue, and even elegant, old-school browns such as Tanner’s Brown. Plus, it will hold its own anywhere, be it bedrooms, dining rooms, home office or kitchens. For this scheme, picture this versatile shade on bathroom walls where the blue/ green/ grey notes will pair effortlessly with classic white sanitary ware – do use Modern Emulsion to deal with any moisture marks. For a pop of colour on a vanity unit, Sulking Room Pink is perfect. For all your other woodwork and ceiling, use one of our most popular ‘whites’, Slipper Satin.

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