At Home With Our Creative Director Charlotte Cosby

At Home With Our Creative Director Charlotte Cosby

28 November 2022

Charlotte Cosby, Creative Director at Farrow & Ball, is part of the team that creates our new colours. Before adding any new shades to our palette, she likes to see them in person: “Colour is something that you feel. When you see it in a room, that’s when you really understand it.” With her own house renovation under way, she had the perfect opportunity to really put them to the test. Step inside as we take a little look around.


Walls and skirting boards: Tailor Tack No. 302Ceiling, stairs and floor: Wimborne White No.239.

Your entrance hall is where you make your first impression. And Charlotte wanted hers to be bright and open, with a little unexpected twist. Tailor Tack was the perfect pink to create a light, airy feel, and makes a beautiful backdrop for the hand painted mural of the trees found along the nearby coast. This nod to the natural surroundings on her doorstep is the perfect example of how Charlotte loves experimenting with colour: “Tailor Tack isn’t a colour you’d expect to be the background, but it looks amazing with the green foliage.”


In the kitchen, Charlotte shows off one of her favourite tips for decorating, choosing an anchor point.

“Building your space around something you love, gives you a much higher chance of ending up with a whole room you love,” she says, “and in my kitchen, it was the terrazzo worktop.”

A historic-feeling pink with a hint of yellow, Templeton Pink on the kitchen walls works beautifully with the green terrazzo. It also complements the period feel of this Victorian townhouse, although Charlotte is adamant it will suit contemporary homes too:

“Colour is one of the most truly versatile elements of a room so, historical or otherwise, the same colour can look just as good in a traditional or modern interior. It’s what you put with a colour and where you use it that ultimately makes the difference.”

Children’s bedrooms

(Left) Walls: Kittiwake No. 307.

(Right) Walls: School House White No.291Ceiling: Pink Drab No.207.

In her children’s bedrooms, Charlotte has combined old and new. At her son’s request for a blue bedroom, she paired our new, seabird-inspired colour Kittiwake with banana leaf wallpaper. The combination is bold and playful, while still calm enough for a good night’s sleep.

In her daughter’s bedroom, Charlotte demonstrates one of her favourite ways of decorating: a bold ceiling.

“You can always be more adventurous on a ceiling,” says Charlotte. “My daughter’s room has thick Pink Drab stripes on the ceiling with School House White walls and accents of blue, making the room playful and interesting without becoming over the top.” 

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