A Perfect Pairing: Transforming a Dining Room

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A Perfect Pairing: Transforming a Dining Room

19 May 2023

Welcome back to our series with Ann Sacks, where we’re celebrating the perfect pairing that is paint and tile. In this instalment, we’re taking a trip to a newly decorated dining room, created by the talented Studio Thomas James.

To transform this space into a beautiful backdrop for late-night gatherings, laid-back lunches and lively conversation at any time of day, Studio Thomas James opted for Pink Ground walls paired with Liaison Doheny Small tiles from Ann Sacks.

Meet Studio Thomas James

How would you describe your design style? 

No two spaces by Studio Thomas James are alike: each one is individual, reflecting the homeowner’s specific ideals and lifestyle. There’s no “one size fits all”. However, our interiors are always rich in color, pattern, scale and texture. They’re classic yet innovative, playful yet refined. 

You’re passionate about how interior design can affect wellbeing, what effect did you want this space to have? 

A welcoming atmosphere comes to mind. The homeowner does a lot of entertaining and we know that lively conversation enhances wellbeing, so we wanted to create an atmosphere that would spark conversation. The pink walls and bold pattern add layers of texture and depth that draw you in and encourage you to relax. 

What was your process when designing the space?

Personalisation is everything. It provides essential details about the passions and pastimes of our clients and how they like to live. For this client, we were inspired by her confident personal style and dramatic fashion sense. She is fearless, often wearing patterns and unapologetic with colour. We took cues from her extensive wardrobe and knew we could go a little bolder. The dark stone in the dining room has very little movement, which allowed us to use a variety of patterns and details.

What made you choose the colour Pink Ground? 

We chose Pink Ground because we wanted a subtle, soft and slightly understated colour to counterbalance the black, edgier pattern of the stone tiles. Not only does it provide depth and interest but it provides the perfect backdrop for entertaining – everyone looks beautiful in pink hues. 

Do you have any tips for choosing tiles and paint colours together? 

Start with your tile and hard surfaces. Paint is easier to edit and pivot, but your hard surfaces will endure for much longer and are harder to swap out. So, we often select tiles for timelessness and then get adventurous with paint, which can be changed up as life, style and mood evolve. 

Like Ann Sacks, we’re extremely passionate when it comes to craft. How important is that to you?

We always look for signs of craft and quality. In interiors, short cuts never pay off. Taking the extra care to source quality materials will save you hassle and expense over the lifetime of a project, as they will endure. Beyond the practicality, the results are what matters. You can tell when you step in a room finished with quality. The details stand out and, well, it just feels better.  

What are your favourite Farrow & Ball colours?

Wimborne White is my favourite neutral. It has a warmth and depth to it that always works, and we’ve used it in several projects. When it comes to bolder tones, for sheer fun Arsenic is a firm favourite, but my go-to colour is Stone Blue

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