A Fresh Look for this Designer’s Family Home

A Fresh Look for this Designer’s Family Home

11 July 2023

Walls: Elephant's Breath No.229 | Window Frames: Off Black No.57

Step inside this 180sqm Berlin home, freshly painted in Farrow & Ball and a perfect example of that age-old adage: two minds are better than one. In this case, those minds are Melissa Antonius and Lena Schimmelbusch. The duo met as editors for Architectural Digest, became top notch designers and are now owners of Antonius Schimmelbusch Interior Design.

A core element of Lena and Melissa’s design style is looking at homes as reflections of their inhabitants. So, when Lena moved into a new home with her husband and two children, the pair got to work creating a space that celebrates everything unique about Lena’s family. The finished result is an eclectic but cohesive collection of what Lena and her family love most. It’s individualism at its best.


Lena and Melissa wanted to create a warm and inviting kitchen. With its warm hint of magenta, Elephant’s Breath was the ideal choice for the walls and balances out the Off-Black cabinets wonderfully.

In a delightful, personal touch the kitchen window frames are also painted Off-Black to mimic the iconic houses lining Amsterdam’s canals, which Lena and her husband fell in love with one on of their many trips to the city.

Living Room

As well as the bold hallway and contrasting colour palette of the kitchen, the house also has quieter, more relaxing spaces, like this soothing living room. Warm, light grey Skimming Stone creates a beautiful, versatile backdrop perfect for family film nights, lazy Sunday afternoons and special occasions alike.


Main Bedroom

The main bedroom is a wonderful example of how paint can bring everything in a room together to create a cohesive, curated feel. The space features an array of beautiful elements, such as gold hardware, the black table, fabrics in different textures and colours, and a wardrobe painted in our Faded Terracotta. In less expert hands, the space could feel disjointed. However, with Lena and Melissa’s talents, the understated Wevet walls allow each element to have their moment but still work in harmony.



With Setting Plaster walls, bold floor tiles and plenty of personal touches like photographs and artwork, the bathroom is full of character. The result is an effortlessly unique space that will stand the test of time because it isn’t following trends.

Children's Bedrooms

Child's Room Walls and Woodwork: Calluna No.270 | Hallway Walls: Parma Gray No.27

The design of these rooms allows for that all-important element when it comes to creating spaces for children: personality. Both bedrooms allow plenty of space for personalisation, so the occupants can show off who they are — and change it up as they grow and find new interests and styles to experiment with.

For her teenager’s room, Lena opted for tranquil Borrowed Light walls with a bold Hague Blue feature wall to create a statement display area. While in her younger child’s room, Lena and Melissa used light, lilac Calluna on the walls and woodwork. This creates an open, airy feel and draws the eye to the spectacular, jungle-themed wardrobe.

Credit all images © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni

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