Sorbet Shades by Milly Wright, Creative Director at The Rug Company

Written on 3rd October 2018

Back in October 2017, Farrow & Ball began its partnership with The Rug Company. We might be a little biased, but we think it’s a match made in heaven. After all, has there ever been a better combination for interiors lovers than sumptuous textures and standout hues?

And this season, they don’t come more standout than sorbet shades: we’re talking zingy lemons, delicate pinks and cool, refreshing blues. We asked Milly Wright, Creative Director at The Rug Company, to give us her thoughts on one of the biggest colour trends, as well as her top tips for rug placement.

Milly's guide to shades, schemes and styling:

Colour is the cornerstone to interior design and pastels are the new neutrals. They are the perfect way to add subtle hints of colour to any scheme. Soothing tones of soft pink, powder blue, icy grey and biscuit beige are punctuated with citrus yellow for this sorbet palette which is light, fresh and the perfect accompaniment to summer. Hazy pastel hues have an almost retro quality. They can create such a visual feast for the eyes when layered over one another and can also provide perfect grounding for a pop of colour or a hint of brass.

Our Farrow & Ball rugs are made from the softest wool and are incredibly sumptuous. These solid and subtle blocks of colour will blend seamlessly into any space for a unified and tranquil look. You can create calm by matching similar shades of the same family, giving the illusion of space and depth. This works particularly well for neutral tones where the spectrum is closer. By combining neutral Farrow & Ball paints with our complementary coloured rugs in the same scheme, a pleasing harmony will occur where they bring out the best in each other. Like any good partnership, the strength of each one is enhanced by the presence of its pairing.

Rugs are the perfect way to anchor and define a space. A room without a rug can appear unwelcoming and unfinished. These sorbet shades are the perfect way to complete a space with a hint of colour. While there are no rules for how to place a rug, there is usually a size that feels just right and balanced within a room.

Living Room A | The Rug Company

Living Room B | The Rug Company

Top tips on rug placement from The Rug Company:
  • As a rule, a seating area needs a rug to make it feel complete. In a large open-plan space, rugs can be used to define different areas and create rooms within rooms.
  • Avoid choosing a rug that is too small as this can look lost. It is much better to specify a generous size that flows under and unifies the furniture (Living room A, above). In this case, leave sufficient extra space around all the furniture so it does not appear ‘perched’ on the edge of the rug. Alternatively, placing the rug about half way under sofas and chairs can look just right (Living room B, above).
  • Some styles of furniture work best when left off the rug. Smaller pieces of furniture such as side-tables are generally best either on or off the rug and not half-half. In this case, the rug should be slightly longer and wider than the furniture and not too far from the seating.

As a rule, a seating area needs a rug to make it feel complete

– Milly Wright, Creative Director at The Rug Company

Dining Room | The Rug Company

  • For a dining room (above), a large rug under the table will deaden the sound in the room and bring colour, pattern and texture. The silk border rug gives an elegant touch and works very well around a dining room table. Or, use it around the outside edge of floating furniture to make it feel anchored within the space. Ideally, the rug should be in proportion to the table and larger than it. This ensures there is sufficient space to pull out a chair and sit down without the back legs coming off the rug.

Bedroom | The Rug Company

  • For a bedroom, the rug is best placed underneath the bed, framing it but stopping short of the side tables (Bedroom A, above) or running all the way to the end of the wall at the headboard end. This allows for a soft rug underfoot when getting out of bed in the morning!
  • In terms of texture, the plain wool rugs lend themselves well to understated interiors, bringing everything together. The cut and loop stripe textures, meanwhile, add a subtle point of interest.

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