Since the breakout of the COVID 19 pandemic, it has been our priority to make sure that our employees and customers are safeguarded against the virus by implementing a range of measures to stop the spread of the virus across our sites.

We have carried out an extensive risk assessment, identified a number of potential risks and put plans and processes in place to ensure we protect the welfare of employees in the business including:  

  • Improving our technology to enable more employees to work from home and reduce the number of people on site
  • Closing our showroom network temporarily in line with government requirements. Situation reviewed regularly in line with government advice on re-opening.
  • Introducing extended shift patterns to ensure social distancing within our manufacturing and dispatch facilities
  • Ensuring cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures are outlined in line with government guidance and observing social distancing and hygiene for employees and customers
  • Introducing employee health screening and identification of vulnerable employees
  • Taking all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m distance in the workplace. Where people cannot be 2m apart, have done everything practicable to manage transmission risk
  • Providing all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to employees as per country specific government guidelines
  • Scheduling delivery arrivals before opening times in showrooms
  • Introducing perspex screens for reopening of showrooms where required
  • Introducing a call and collect system in all showrooms to ensure minimal contact
  • Reducing the amount of people in stores at any one time and clearly marking accessible areas
  • Removing items which could be touched including brush out boards and wallpaper wings
  • Recommending the use of card payments in store to minimise cash handling
  • Developing internal learning modules for the wellbeing of employees working from home and those who are unable to work from home.
  • Producing communications for sites, for customers and employees
  • Reducing desk space in office area and increasing cleaning throughout the day

We will continue to identify and implement processes and procedures across the business to mitigate the potential spread of COVID 19 and will implement where needed.