Free Colour Card

The renowned Farrow & Ball colour card features our thoughtfully created palette of 132 colours and the unique story behind each one. Compare enduringly popular neutrals like Pointing and Wimborne White, bold statement colours such as Charlotte’s Locks or Hague Blue and every shade in between.


Paint Sample Pots

Make the most of our sample pots and order your desired colour, so you can see how the colour looks throughout the day in the room you intend to paint.

100ml sample pots are available in the entire range of Farrow & Ball colours in our signature Estate Emulsion finish. Our paints are rigorously tested to the highest standards to ensure uncompromising accuracy of colour so you can be sure that the colour in the sample pot will match the end result.



Choosing The Perfect Farrow & Ball Colour For You

Begin by thinking about how much light your room receives and the orientation of this light. Colours can be intensified greatly in small dark spaces and the light your room receives can also alter the tone dramatically.See more information on how light affects colour.

Using Your Sample Pot

We suggest painting an A4 piece of card in your chosen colour, this way you can move the sample around the room to fully appreciate how the colour will look. The painted sample will also be really useful when choosing co-ordinating fabrics and furnishings.

Wallpaper Samples

We also have A4 wallpaper samples of all designs and colourways to ensure you are completely happy with both colour and design before placing your orders.

Up to five samples are available free of charge, per customer, to help you make your selection.