Walls: Lotus BP 2071

Our Art Nouveau inspired Lotus design brings a touch of 19th-century elegance to homes both traditional and contemporary. Each sweeping bloom is printed with real Farrow & Ball paint, creating tactility and a sense of movement.

Until now, our popular Lotus papers have always been printed with a flatbed block, which makes their addition to our metallic wallpaper collection extra special. To achieve a beautifully crisp finish on each of Lotus’ sinuous curves, our expert craftsmen have specially hand-engraved a new roller block to apply gold, silver, gilver (a mix of gold and silver) and copper paint to each roll.

Lotus offers the most diverse range of striking new colourways in our new collection, with our full range of shimmering metallic paints creating dramatic contrast with colours ranging from our dusky new blue De Nimes to an intense bespoke red, soft Jitney to smoky Mole’s Breath.


Lotus BP 2066

Walls: Lotus BP 2066

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Lotus BP 2067

Walls: Lotus BP 2067

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Lotus BP 2068

Walls: Lotus BP 2068

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Lotus BP 2069

Walls: Lotus BP 2069

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Lotus BP 2070

Walls: Lotus BP 2070

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Lotus BP 2071

Walls: Lotus BP 2071

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