Joa Studholme - International Colour Consultant

Although the new colours from Farrow & Ball feel as if they have been part of the palette forever, I can’t wait to use these heritage colours in a very modern way. Strong vibrant Vardo walls are tempered by moody Inchyra on the trim. Soft Cromarty on the ceiling, despite its underlying blue, will read almost as a neutral compared to the rich walls. Understated Drop Cloth has just the right amount of colour to use on the floor – not too white to feel sterile, but pale enough to bounce some light onto the walls.

Joa's Colours

Jenny North - Cherished Customer

I certainly have a grand room in mind for this colour scheme, and would make the most of the stunning Vardo by putting it on the walls and woodwork. Cromarty would create a crisp yet warm contrast for the floor and Shadow White on the ceiling would recede softly so that Vardo and Cromarty are the heroes.

Jenny's Colours

Marianne Cotterill - Stylist

Being obsessed with beautiful linens and wools, I couldn’t believe my luck to be working with the equivalent in paint on the latest new colours shoot. Drop Cloth, Worsted and Shadow White are reminiscent of the tones of fabric I pull out of bags at flea markets on my travels. They fit into any interior and so do these paints. They could be used on their own, combining two or three, or could keep happy company with the deep Inchyra Blue or the vibrant Vardo, a really beautiful combination.

I have always been happy to mix blue with green as it reminds me very much of being somewhere summery. Cromarty and Vardo are delightful, impactful, but surprisingly restful together – that’s why it’s going to be my next kitchen combination.

Marianne's Colours

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