An Exotic and Adventurous Pink

This colour is exotic, happy and vital. The most adventurous of our pinks, Rangwali is incredibly friendly and takes its name from the powder which is thrown so enthusiastically during the Holi festival of colours in India. Though bright, it has an absorbing depth of colour which is achieved by adding a small dose of black pigment.

Walls: Rangwali No.296 | Estate Emulsion

Walls: Rangwali No.296 | Estate Emulsion

Suggested Colour Scheme

Colour Consultant Moodboard

EMILY HARROLD – Colour COnsultant, SOLIHULL SHowroom

With over 12 years’ experience working in interior design, Emily has developed a keen eye for colour and a flair for dreaming up eye-catching palettes.

In this scheme created for a vibrant family kitchen and living area, Emily has teamed adventurous pink Rangwali on kitchen cabinetry with bright teal Vardo on a freestanding larder, exciting the senses and bringing a sense of vibrancy into the home all year round. Walls and ceilings painted in Cabbage White create a neutral backdrop to the vivid colour palette and Arsenic, painted in a geometric floor design, balances the rich tones of Rangwali and Vardo.

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