Warm, light and delicate – a favourite for light-filled rooms

Painted in White Tie No.2002 | Modern Emulsion; Pelt No.254 | Estate Eggshell

The Yellow Based Neutrals

This delicate group of neutrals has its roots in the countryside, but its creamy tones lend a light touch to all kinds of homes. Each of our Yellow Based Neutrals contains a minute amount of black pigment, adding a depth and complexity that makes any room feel instantly a little more special.

These sunny neutrals enhance the indoor-outdoor flow of garden facing rooms.

Because of their yellow undertones, these neutrals look most at home when mirroring their surroundings. In any space that receives a lot of sun, especially a conservatory or garden room, they look even brighter and warmer, while cooler light will give them a greener edge.

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Yellow Based Neutrals

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