Neither too grey nor too creamy – a beautifully balanced collection

Painted in Ammonite No.274, Purbeck Stone No.275 | Modern Emulsion

The Easy Neutrals

The clue is in the name when it comes to these laid-back hues. The Easy Neutrals group strikes a balance between the greyness of the Contemporary Neutrals and the warmth of the creamy Yellow Based Neutrals, creating a set of tones that are wonderfully easy to combine and live with.

Choose two or three shades for your walls, ceiling and floors to create a hushed retreat and Scandi style that is the perfect antidote to modern life.

Our Easy Neutrals pair beautifully with saturated blues, yellows and reds for a cheerful Scandinavian palette, but look equally at home in each other’s company. Purbeck Stone on walls, accompanied by lighter Cornforth White and Ammonite accents, create an effortless minimal scheme.

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Easy Neutrals

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