It goes without saying that we’re proud of our paint and confident in its ability to transform your home – not just with beautifully rich colours, but with real, practical benefits. If you want to get to the heart of our environmental accolades, our child safety classifications, or the industry-approved tests that back up our claims, you’ll find it all here.

  • We have carried out in-house washable and wipeable testing on our Modern Emulsion paint with the following substances: mud, toothpaste, tomato ketchup, face paint, spray tan, tea, coffee, red wine, beer, and lipstick.

  • Our lab team use the industry-approved Wet-Scrub-Resistance Test (ISO 11998:2006) to demonstrate Modern Emulsion’s best-in-class abrasion resistance. Modern Emulsion has achieved a Class 1 Scrub Rating, the highest available classification indicating the minimal level of damage caused to paint by scrubbing. The threshold for Class 1 is a loss of less than 5 microns after 200 scrubs.

  • Modern Emulsion demonstrated superior toughness versus a near competitor in recent Pendulum Hardness testing.

  • The difference between the structure of Modern Emulsion – which helps to create its durable surface – and that of regular emulsions can be easily seen using a scanning electron microscope. When viewed as a cross-section, Modern Emulsion is visibly smoother with no air voids and a large volume of resin, while regular emulsion very often has a looser, air-filled structure.

  • Modern Emulsion contains a preservative that helps to preserve the paint film in moisture-prone spaces, inhibiting the growth of mould, mildew, fungi, and yeast.

  • After eight weeks in a steam chamber, a surface painted with Modern Emulsion was visibly free of mould, versus a surface painted with regular emulsion, which emerged with drastic discolouration and mould growth.

  • We carried out extensive blind testing with a range of consumers, including professional painters, to impartially test Modern Emulsion’s ease of application versus competitors’ emulsions. Responses to Modern Emulsion’s ease of application compared to that of competing emulsions were extremely positive.