For over 25 years, we’ve been handcrafting extraordinary wallpaper at our home in Dorset. We use our own, richly pigmented paint, traditional techniques, and bespoke equipment to print extraordinary patterns on sustainably sourced, fully recyclable paper.  

You won’t find wallpaper like ours anywhere else. 

The Purnon Papers

Built in 1788 just south of the Loire Valley in France, Château de Purnon was once the grand home of Antoine-Charles Achard, Marquis de la Haye. Over the years, this enchanting building has fallen into disrepair. However, Felicity Selkirk and Tim Holding saw glimpses of the château’s former glory and made the bold decision to bring it back to life.

The pair reached out to us about renovating a neglected bedroom and bathroom, but when our Creative Director Charlotte Cosby saw the treasure trove of pattern and colour within the walls, she was inspired to do more. And the rest is history. 

Our Wallpaper

From dramatic damasks to sophisticated stripes, fresh florals to historic homages, welcome to our wonderful world of wallpaper. Inspired by moments of time, styles of design and even particularly cherished places, every Farrow & Ball wallpaper has a story to tell.  

Handcrafted Wallpaper

We handcraft our wallpaper at our Dorset factory using age-old methods that take months to master, including open-trough and flatbed printing.

From hand-cut pads to quality control to packaging, each roll has a purposefully personal touch. We print our very own Farrow & Ball paint on paper, and even create bespoke colours exclusively for our wallpapers.

This technique means each wallpaper has deeper, richer colours that work wonderfully with walls, ceilings and woodwork painted with our palette. Each roll is finished with a fine layer of specially formulated, wipeable glaze, ensuring the paper stays beautiful. 


Our wallpaper is crafted with care and conscience. We source all of our paper from sustainably managed forests and, as it’s vinyl-free, any offcuts are fully recyclable. We craft our wallpaper in small batches using 100% renewable energy and send zero waste sent to landfill. It’s all part of our commitment to protecting the planet. 

Created Using Our Paint

Unlike digitally printed wallpapers that use ink, printing paint on paper creates a beautifully tactile finish and means each roll is utterly unique. Using real Farrow & Ball paint ensures every design has the signature depth of colour we’re known for and can be effortlessly paired with shades from our palette. The finishing touch is a fine layer of protective, wipeable glaze.  

Sample Our Wallpaper

Find your favorite pattern and colourway with our handy wallpaper samples. Made from genuine Farrow & Ball wallpaper, they’re the best way to see how each paper transforms with your light and furnishings. We’ve even included complementary colour suggestions on the back of each one or on our website, to help you build the rest of your scheme. 

If you’d like some personalised help with a particular project, pop into a showroom or book an appointment with one of our expert Colour Consultants.

Wallpaper Inspiration

Step into the wonderful world of wallpaper. A classic way to bring colour and pattern to every space. Handcrafted with our own Farrow & Ball paint using traditional techniques and bespoke equipment, you won’t find paper like ours anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for floral wallpaper, the simplicity of stripes or dramatic damasks, we’ve got plenty of wallpaper inspiration to spark your imagination.

Farrow & Ball Colour ConsultancyFarrow & Ball Colour Consultancy

Need Some Advice?

Our expert Colour Consultants are ready and waiting to help bring your style to life. If you’d like personalised advice on how to use our colours in your home, book an appointment with our design experts today.

Wallpaper FAQs

How do I know how much I need to order?

If you’re using a decorator, it’s always a good idea to ask their opinion. However, we’re also more than happy to help with an estimation. Drop us an email at sales@farrow-ball.com with measurements (height and width) of the walls you’re papering and a note of which wallpaper you’re planning to use. Please also make a note of any wall features that won’t need to be papered, such as windows and doors. 

What type of paste should I use? 

For the best results, we recommend using our own, specially formulated wallpaper paste. Non-acidic to protect the pattern you love and a tube that doubles as a measuring jug, it’s purpose-made to be the perfect partner. Find It Here

How long are the wallpaper rolls? 

Each roll is 10m long and 53cm wide. You can find the details and measurements for the pattern repeat of each paper on its dedicated product page.

Can I return unused wallpaper rolls?

Yes, you can return unopened rolls of wallpaper, apart from Archive wallpapers, which are made to order and therefore can’t be returned. Simply return the rolls to a showroom within 28 days of purchase for a full refund — do make sure to bring proof of purchase with you. We can also arrange to collect the rolls from you, however, any collection fees will be deducted from your refund. 

Can I get a free sample?

Yes! Please visit one of our showrooms to choose your free samples of our wallpaper. Please note that samples are not available of our Archive collection patterns, as these papers are made to order. To find your nearest showroom, please visit our showroom finder here .

Is Farrow & Ball wallpaper “paste the paper” or “paste the wall”?

Farrow & Ball wallpaper is a “paste the paper” wallpaper. For full information about hanging our wallpaper, read the Product Advice Sheets for your chosen paper.

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