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Yellow Paint Colours

Sunny, cheerful and warm, yellow paint has all the ingredients for a space that makes you smile. From delicate cream to zesty lemon, whatever mood you’re looking to create, we’ve got shades of yellow paint to suit each and every one. 

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Choosing Your Yellow Paint Colour

Yellow, once a mainstay of decoration, had lost favour for a while, but with its nostalgic feel and ability to create a hopeful and optimistic atmosphere, it is once again popular everywhere, from rustic farmhouses to the most contemporary of homes. 

Intense Yellows

Strong and moody India Yellow is the most intense of our yellows. Its unmatched richness can literally make rooms appear to be lit by electric light, while retaining a feel of something from a earlier time.  

Bright Yellows

Bright yellows can also be perceived as sunshine, particularly the uncomplicated tones of refreshing Dayroom Yellow and timeless Yellow Ground, which all create hopeful and optimistic rooms full of energy. Citron, a vibrant lemon yellow, as the name suggests, is also light and refreshing.

These yellows are all fantastically stimulating, bringing rooms to life, which makes them less appropriate for bedrooms, where the soothing tones of Farrow’s Cream and Dorset Cream are more suitable. Magical Tallow, with its slight, underlying warmth, creates softer, more reflective spaces.

Soft Yellows

Some of the most favourited yellows , however, are restrained Sudbury Yellow and modest Hay, with their muted sophisticated tones and underlying green. These soft yellows are less intense and sunny than others, producing decorative schemes that feel as if they have been there forever. 



India Yellow No.66

Yellow Paint Schemes

Find inspiration for your project and view beautiful images of yellow paint schemes in real homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best yellow paint colour? 

The sunniest shade, yellow paint brightens every space. Choosing the best hue for you is all down to your space and style. From soft, buttery tones to zesty citrus hues, each yellow has a unique feel, so it’s always best to sample a few to find your favourite. 

What colour goes best with yellow paint? 

Yellow, with its cheerful nature, works wonderfully with a range of colours to create inviting, spirited schemes. From cool blues to warm oranges, there's no shortage of hues to complement this sunshine shade. If you need a helping hand, browse our colour scheme suggestions or enjoy unrivalled advice from our Colour Consultants. 

What effect does yellow paint have on a room? 

Yellow can completely transform a space, infusing it with energy and optimism. Rich yellows add a beautiful warmth, while softer shades create a soothing, tranquil feel. Yellow is particularly powerful in rooms with natural sunlight, where it truly comes to life.

Should I paint my whole room yellow? 

Whether to dip your toe into colour or fully embrace it depends entirely on the look you want and how bold you feel. Painting a whole room yellow can create a sun-drenched feel, perfect for a bright kitchen or playful nursery. On the other hand, a touch of yellow in a window reveal or behind a bookcase, adds pockets of sunshine to a more neutral scheme. With our range of durable, multi-surface finishes, you can paint your ceiling, skirting boards and everything in between.  

How can I choose the right shade of yellow? 

Choosing the right shade of yellow for your project is all to do with your style and space. Colours look different in different surroundings, so it’s important to sample some shades and see how they look in your light, with your furnishings. Experiment with a few yellows to find the one that feels right at home. 

How do I make sure I get the best finish with yellow paint? 

Our top tip? Don’t skip primer! It can be tempting to rush past the priming and preparation to start painting right away, but that will likely leave you with a patchy finish that you have to repaint sooner rather than later. Our Primer & Undercoat creates deeper, richer colour that lasts.