Trade Advice: Application of Premium Paints – Why Spray?

While some surfaces will require specific application methods, for most projects, there’s little better than application by spray painting when it comes to speed and quality of finish.

Look at most high-quality items in daily use – furniture, cars, kitchens – and you’ll find that almost all are spray painted to achieve a fine result.

The same can be said for conventional paint coatings. We all know that much of a flawless result is the result of good prep, but when the desired level of preparation has been completed, it’s then about the best method of application for the desired finish.

Speed of Application

Lots of painters will argue that they can brush and roll a house faster than a sprayer, due to the amount of masking and protection of surrounding areas that spray application requires.

This might be true to a certain extent, but time spent masking up is reclaimed tenfold when the final application begins. When you add up cutting in by brush and rolling three times, it becomes a lengthy process, whereas experienced application by spray can be completed much faster.

Quality of Finish

Brush and roller application can result in brush marks, roller stipple, or an orange-peel effect. With deeper paint colours, picturing framing can also occur due to different application methods and light reflectance values. Spraying Farrow & Ball paint results in an even film thickness and better opacity in fewer coats. Better still – no brush and roller marks, and no risk of picture framing.

Spraying Equipment and Paint Finishes

There are different types of equipment for all applications, from small, intricate surfaces to large industrial areas, so the type of projects you do will determine what type of machine is best for you. For example, on a new-build development with a traditional mist and two specification for ceiling and walls, an airless paint sprayer is probably best.

Modern EggshellEstate EggshellExterior Masonry and all Farrow & Ball emulsions spray extremely well with a variety of spray units and setups. When it comes to spraying Full Gloss, our super high-gloss finish, superior results are achieved with air-assisted or airless paint sprayer units.

These high-quality results can be achieved due to a high film build being applied very evenly and quickly, and a smooth application, thanks to Farrow & Ball paint’s superior flow and levelling, results in a mirror-like finish.

Although the quality of the material is paramount and will make life more pleasurable due to ease of use, applicators must be trained, and the training required – like the type of spray equipment – will be determined by the type of work.

Happy spraying – and don’t forget to keep those air horns clean!