Dead Flat®

Introducing Dead Flat®. Multi-surface, impressively durable and our most matt finish yet, this is paint perfected.

Take Dead Flat® across walls, woodwork and metal, for an effortless, full-room transformation with just one finish. The ultra-matt look makes our rich colours even richer, while the scrubbable, scuff-resistant finish is more than a match for mess. Plus, the water based formula is toy safe with only trace VOCs and, like all Farrow & Ball finishes, handcrafted in Dorset.

Dead Flat® may seem like an unusual name but there's a rich history behind it. It all starts back in the 18th century with the popular ‘flatted lead’ paint effect, and the coveted ‘flat’, matt finish it created. Inspired to recreate this completely flat (or as we describe it, ‘dead flat’) look, we launched our original Dead Flat® formula, which we’ve reimagined once again for modern living.

Bedroom: walls, ceiling, coving, radiator, panelling and trims painted in Calke Green No.34 | Dead Flat®

Children’s room: walls, ceiling, coving and trims painted in Setting Plaster No.231 | Dead Flat®

Hallway: walls, ceiling, plasterwork, panelling and trims painted in Selvedge No.306 | Dead Flat®

Living room: walls, ceiling, plasterwork and trims painted in Red Earth No.64 | Dead Flat®

Hallway: walls, ceiling, plasterwork, panelling and trims painted in Hague Blue No.30 | Dead Flat®

Dining room: walls, ceiling and trims painted in Beverly No.310 | Dead Flat®

This is paint perfected


New Dead Flat® is suitable for walls, woodwork and metal, so you can paint your skirting board, radiator and ceiling, all with the same finish. From full-room colour drenching to perfect panelling, Dead Flat® makes transforming your home effortless. Now you can spend less time fiddling with different finishes and more time admiring the finished result.

Ultra Matt

Our most matt finish yet, Dead Flat® is ultra-matt from every angle. With just a 2% sheen level, less light bounces off the surface of the paint, so you can fully enjoy the true depth of colour. Our signature rich colours seem even richer, especially our darker shades. So, you can enjoy the ultimate Farrow & Ball aesthetic. Plus, for the first time, you can achieve an ultra-matt look for your woodwork too.

Impressively Durable

Dead Flat® creates beautiful spaces that stay beautiful. It’s scuff-resistant and scrubbable, meaning you can easily wipe off marks without any paint transferring to your cloth. Dead Flat® is ideal for hallways, playrooms and other busy areas, so you can enjoy deep, durable colour throughout your home.

Easy To Apply

With exceptional opacity and impressive hiding power, Dead Flat® makes it even easier to achieve a flawless finish in a flash. It’s also low splatter, meaning there’s less chance of making a mess while applying – great news for dust sheets up and down the country.

Looking for inspiration?

Fallen in love with Dead Flat® but not sure where to start? We’ve got you, your hallway and even your dining room covered. Take a look at our room inspiration pages for ideas, tips and pictures of our paint in real homes.