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Rich colour can be added to the most unexpected of places, perhaps picking out detailing on fine plasterwork, within the cupboards of an otherwise neutral room or turning functional spaces such as a doorway into a striking design statement.

Kitchen in Dead Salmon No.28 | Modern Emulsion and Railings No.31 | Estate Eggshell

Living Room in Calke Green No.34 and Breakfast Room Green No.81James White No.2010 | Estate Emulsion and
Green Smoke No.47 | Estate Eggshell

  • Whenever colour is used below the eye line it feels much less intimidating, so try a strong shade on the underside of a freestanding bath, kitchen islands or even table legs if you’re less confident with bright shades.
  • For an added touch of period charm, consider painting cornicing, ceiling roses and plaster moulding to help draw the eye up. If you’re lucky enough to have original features in your home, each intricate detail can be enhanced with Farrow & Ball Casein Distemper.

Door in Green Smoke No.47Charlotte’s Locks No.268 | Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell

  • Bookcases and dressers come alive when the backs are painted in an accent colour or papered with a rich pattern, allowing your curated collection on display to pop against the darker backdrop.
  • As with colour, sheen can be mixed and matched to create a cohesive scheme. Try painting chairs in Estate Eggshell, Modern Eggshell and Full Gloss, all in the same colour. With 20%, 40% and 95% sheen, each variance will subtly add character.
  • For a velvety matt scheme with a striking colour-washed effect, prepare the wall with lime plaster before layering our more traditional Limewash finish in varying tones and sand back to let bright pops of colour peep through.
  • To create an illusion of space, consider painting both woodwork and walls – or doorframes and doors – in the same colour, adding a feeling of height and width. Or for a bold twist, frame windows and doors with a rim of contrasting colour.
Create an unexpected trim

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