Jouer avec les finitions

The unwritten rule that trims should be painted in high gloss with ceilings in a bright matt white has underpinned the way many of us decorate our homes. But you really can be as creative with sheen as with colour!

Finishes can be cleverly chosen to mask and accent architectural features in the home. Disguise uneven walls with a chalky matt Estate Emulsion, pick out delicate plasterwork with Soft Distemper or highlight your favourite pieces of furniture with our new Modern Eggshell.

Modern Eggshell, the latest addition to our interior finishes, can be swept across furniture, metal surfaces, wooden cabinets and floors throughout the home for an extremely durable mid sheen finish.

We’ve gathered our top tips to help inspire you to play with finishes...

Ceiling in Mouse's Back No.40, doors in Green Smoke No.47 and basin in Pointing No.2003 | Modern Emulsion & Modern Eggshell

Walls, cupboards and chair in Teresa's Green No.236 | Estate Emulsion & Modern Eggshell

3. As with colour, sheen can be mixed and matched to create a cohesive scheme. Try painting chairs in Estate Eggshell, Modern Eggshell and Full Gloss, all in the same colour. With 20%, 40% and 95% sheen, each variance will subtly add character.

4. Consider using a flat matt on the outside of wardrobes or cupboards with a deep gloss within, adding a secret pocket of sheen and creating a dramatic backdrop to your belongings.

Walls and cupboard in India Yellow No.66 and floor strip in Green Smoke No.47 | Modern Emulsion & Modern Eggshell

Ceiling and door frames in Wimborne White No.239 and walls in Lulworth Blue No.89 | Estate Emulsion, Modern Emulsion & Modern Eggshell

5. Paint a strip of Full Gloss across matt Estate Emulsion walls. You might not even spot the difference until the sun peeps through to reveal a hidden layer of interest.

6. Add a splash of colour to bathrooms and kitchens with our mould resistant Modern Emulsion. This hardy finish can then be combined with Modern Eggshell on cabinetry and trim for a noticeable shift from matt walls to mid sheen woodwork.

7. Paint your own rug design on the floor with Modern Eggshell to add long-lasting colour and lustre to your floor, or brush Full Gloss onto floorboards to bounce light up into the room.

Walls in Rectory Red No.217 | Estate Emulsion & Full Gloss

Walls in Hay No.37 | Estate Emulsion

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