Look Up

From the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel to the constellations of Grand Central Station, cities across the world are dotted with richly decorated ceilings. And yet, many of us opt for a simple coat of white when painting our own ceiling. We’ve gathered five beautiful ideas to help you reclaim your fifth wall.

Living Room in Black Blue No.95 | Estate Eggshell and Hague Blue No.30 | Estate Emulsion

Study in Brassica No.271 and Stone Blue No.86 | Estate Emulsion

  • Deep colour can be painted onto your ceiling to create a striking contrast with the walls below. This technique is wonderfully effective in neutral rooms, transforming the ceiling into an unexpected focal point.
  • For a feeling of intimacy, a single hue can be swept up the walls and across the ceiling to envelop your room in colour and warmth. This is particularly suited to smaller spaces and can be incredibly calming in the eaves of an attic room.
  • You can be as experimental with finish as with colour. High shine Full Gloss can be painted onto ceilings, bouncing light around the room.
  • Wallpaper doesn’t have to be restricted to walls. Wallpapered ceilings are a fantastic way to add pattern, colour and texture above - drawing the eye to a new space. 
  • Starry designs with splashes of gold and silver feel wonderfully playful in children’s rooms, while seeming to twinkle in candlelit dining rooms.
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