The Purnon Papers

Five patterns uncovered at Château de Purnon and brought to life by Farrow & Ball — these are The Purnon Papers. Inspired by those who lived, and revelled, at the French château in its heyday, the original patterns have been lovingly redesigned in five unique colourways to complement homes of all shapes and sizes. Each roll is handcrafted in signature Farrow & Ball fashion, using traditional techniques, the finest paper and our very own paint.

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About Château de Purnon

Built in 1788 just south of the Loire Valley in France, Château de Purnon was once the grand home of Antoine-Charles Achard, Marquis de la Haye. With over 100 rooms, this building was, and remains, a grand sight to behold. Today, the owners Felicity and Tim are lovingly restoring the château to its former glory.

The story of Purnon

The inspiration behind this collection can be found nestled in the French countryside — Château de Purnon. This enchanting building has fallen into disrepair, forgotten until Felicity Selkirk and Tim Holding made the bold decision to bring it back to life — a restoration project we’re proud to support.

The pair reached out to us about renovating a neglected bedroom and bathroom, but when our Creative Director Charlotte Cosby saw the treasure trove of pattern and colour within the walls, she was inspired to do more. And the rest is history.