How To Use Carte Blanche

Exquisitely fashioned but far from restrictive, Carte Blanche is designed to be effortlessly versatile. You can combine this capsule collection of pattern and colour in a plethora of ways to create a unique look you love. To help you get started, here are three approaches to think about when creating your scheme with Carte Blanche — or any of our paint and paper.

Beautifully Bold

Carte Blanche - Raw Tomatillo No.CB6 | Estate Emulsion & Modern Eggshell; Au Lait No.CB9 | Modern Emulsion; Liquorice No.CB10 | Modern Eggshell

Signature Palette - Wine Dark No.308 | Estate Emulsion & Estate Eggshell

For a scheme sure to make you smile, simply make your favourite colour the centrepiece. Combine your chosen shade with its complementary white for a simple and effective scheme, like this Raw Tomatillo and Au Lait space. It’s perfect proof that a colour doesn’t need to be on your walls to take centre stage: a touch of Modern Eggshell on your furniture or door frame can make all the difference.

Alternatively, take your favourite shade across your entire space, from ceiling to skirting board, to really revel in the colour. If you do opt for colour drenching, take a look at our multi-surface Dead Flat® finish for an effortless, full-room transformation.

A Neutral Foundation

Carte Blanche - Dot BP5903Roasted Macadamia No.CB2 | Modern Eggshell; Lobster No.CB7 | Modern Eggshell

Signature Palette - Blackened No.2011 | Modern Emulsion & Estate Eggshell; Calamine No.230 | Estate Emulsion

Elegant, calm and versatile, neutrals are timeless for a reason. A neutral colour scheme complements a wide range of furniture, artwork and decoration, making it a wonderful backdrop if you like to change your finishing touches frequently. With four neutrals in the Carte Blanche collection, there’s a shade to suit every space and style. Beautiful when used on their own and when combined with accents, you can keep to a solely neutral scheme or add a hint of colour in an alcove or door reveal.

Play With Pattern

Carte Blanche - Stripe BP6103Stripe BP6101Au Lait No.CB9 | Modern Eggshell; Shallot No.CB3 | Modern Eggshell

 Signature Palette - Brocade BP3207Slipper Satin No.2004 | Estate Eggshell

Let pattern lead the way and start with wallpaper. From statement stripes to delicate details, find a design you love and create your scheme around it. We handcraft our wallpaper using our very own Farrow & Ball paint. So, you could use the same colours from the wallpaper on your woodwork or try a complementary shade — you can find suggested combinations for all our colours on our website.

To truly embrace pattern, you can even pair wallpaper with wallpaper. The two Stripe papers in the room above are a perfect example. This pattern can even be hung in four different ways, so for a playful twist, try combining different directions in the same space.

Need Some Advice?

Our expert Colour Consultants are ready and waiting to help bring your style to life. If you’d like personalised advice on how to use Carte Blanche in your home, book an appointment today.