Three New Schemes For Children's Rooms And Nurseries

Written on 19th February 2019

Whether you’re welcoming a little one into the world, moving a toddler into their first big bedroom, or trying to keep up with a child’s changing tastes, decorating children’s rooms and nurseries can be decidedly tricky. Our expert Colour Consultants know the conundrum well, which is why we asked them to create a selection of schemes that’ll offer not just stylish longevity, but practical durability.

Scheme One

Have a pink-obsessed child on your hands? This is a thoroughly modern scheme that’ll indulge their love of sugary shades without compromising on style. Rangwali, our new vibrant pink, turns bare floorboards into a fun focal point, while its Modern Eggshell finish ensures it’s tough enough to deal with anything they can throw at it. In fact, this tip applies anywhere – if your home is largely neutral, a feature floor makes a great addition no matter the room. In this scheme, the boldness is balanced by Peignoir, which brings the slightest blush of pink to walls, while Great White woodwork pulls everything together for a clean, cohesive look.

Scheme Two

For a classic palette that suits all ages, try this simple but striking combination of Preference Red, De Nimes, and Pale Powder. The balance of rich red and blue with large swathes of pale aqua creates a look that’s elegant and timeless, but experimenting with proportions and locations can be all you need to add that all-important hint of playfulness. In this room, it takes the form of boldly coloured skirting and block-painted panelling, but you don’t need any special architectural details to recreate the look at home – just use masking tape to create clean lines when adding more than one colour to a plain wall.

Scheme Three

Neutral shades can be an excellent choice for a nursery – as well as creating a soothing environment to doze off in, they make a versatile backdrop for changing interests, or even changing occupants. For a room that grows with them, why not take soft School House White all over the walls and ceiling, and keep the colours to easily updated pieces? Our child-safe Estate and Modern ranges can add instant personality to cots, bookcases, and even toys, making for superbly adaptable, suits-all schemes.

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