We recommend using all-new Dead Flat for your room transformation.

Dining Room in Beverly No.310 | Dead Flat®

Whether sociable open-plan or cosy standalone, everyday living space or just for occasions, dining rooms come in all shapes and sizes, so why be restricted to one style of decorating? It’s not just the shade you choose, but the way you use it, that creates a versatile, welcoming and visually stunning space, as illustrated by our schemes for modern and traditional dining rooms below.

Light & Airy

Painted in Wimborne White No.239 & Oval Room Blue No.85 | Estate Emulsion

The breezy elegance of a neutral scheme can work wonders in spaces of all sizes. To keep a dining area from getting lost in a larger open-plan layout, try grounding it with a contrasting wall colour or patterned wallpaper.

Feature Florals

Wallpaper in Helleborus BP5602

Soft Neutrals

Painted in Ammonite No.274 | Estate Emulsion;
Purbeck Stone No.275, Down Pipe No.26 | Estate Eggshell

Green Room

Painted in Calke Green No.34 | Estate Eggshell

Versatile green can run the gamut from traditional and sophisticated to fresh and contemporary. Try a floor-to-coving coat of Calke Green, or a touch of soft Blue Gray to freshen up rustic cladding.

Best of Both

Painted in De Nimes No.299 | Estate Emulsion

Combining unexpected shades with clean white accents strikes the perfect balance of versatility and visual interest, making for a dining space that feels perfectly suited to everything from lazy weekend breakfasts to after-dinner drinks.

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