Whether rich and jewel-like or soft and subtle, pink paint can come in many guises. No longer the reserve of nurseries and children’s rooms, the new pinks offer a versatile palette for every kind of space, with grown-up, greyed-out shades and bold flashes of colour sitting side by side with the sweetest rose, blush and baby pink hues.

Pale Pink Paint Colours


Fresh and uncomplicated, Middleton Pink is the most delicate of our pink paint colours, making it just as lovely an option for soothing living spaces as for nurseries and children’s rooms. For a distinctly grown-up look, try Peignoir or Calamine, soft pinks with a generous touch of grey that counteracts any potential sugariness and gives a gorgeous depth of colour.

Walls: Middleton Pink No.245 in Modern Emulsion; Ceiling: Strong White No.2001 in Modern Emulsion

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Walls and Ceiling: Peignoir No.286 in Modern Emulsion; Cabinetry: Railings No.31 in Modern Eggshell

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Blush Pink Paint Colours

Pink Ground, with its large dose of yellow pigment, creates the softest blush of colour for warm, soothing spaces. The similarly subtle Setting Plaster mimics the shade of – you guessed it – freshly plastered walls, and creates a universally flattering backdrop to favourite pieces of wall art and furniture. Both are delicate enough to be taken across the walls and ceiling, creating welcoming rooms that you won’t be able to resist whiling away the hours in.

Walls and Ceiling: Pink Ground No.202 in Estate Emulsion; Woodwork: Pink Ground No.202 in Estate Eggshell

Image by The Modern House

Walls: Setting Plaster No.231 in Modern Emulsion; Woodwork: Railings No.31 in Modern Eggshell

Image from Recipes for Decorating

Bright Pink Paint Colours

Vibrant pinks are clean, uplifting, and invigorating, creating spaces that instantly prompt a smile. Rangwali is an intensely pigmented pink that transforms smaller spaces into secret pockets of joyful colour – if you’re feeling brave, try it on the ceiling as well as the walls. In larger rooms, you can balance a softer bright pink like Nancy’s Blushes by stopping short of the ceiling and pairing with a clean, uncomplicated white.

Dusky Pink Paint Colours

Dusky pink paint is a natural next step for lovers of neutrals, combining the cosy yet contemporary appeal of pink with the versatility and easygoing nature of soft greys and beiges. Dead Salmon is one of our most changeable shades, shifting from mushroom to pink depending on the light, while Cinder Rose is our truest, bluest dusky pink. Sulking Room Pink, which strikes the perfect balance between grey and pink, brings out the best in traditional and contemporary spaces alike.

Pink Furniture Paint

Walls and Ceiling: Strong White No.2001 in Modern Emulsion; Wardrobe: Peignoir No.286 in Estate Eggshell

Image from Recipes for Decorating


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