Warm, light and delicate – a favourite for light-filled rooms

Painted in White Tie No.2002 | Modern Emulsion; Pelt No.254 | Estate Eggshell

Yellow Based Neutrals

This delicate group of neutrals has its roots in the countryside, but its creamy tones lend a light touch to all kinds of homes. Each of our Yellow Based Neutrals contains a minute amount of black pigment, adding a depth and complexity that makes any room feel instantly a little more special.

Tip: The Yellow Based Neutrals are perfect for sunny rooms overlooking a garden where they will enhance the connection between the outside and in.

Because of their yellow undertones, these neutrals look most at home when mirroring their surroundings. In any space that receives a lot of sun, especially a conservatory or garden room, they look even brighter and warmer, while cooler light will give them a greener edge.

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Yellow Based Neutrals

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