Whether you’re restyling a small but perfectly proportioned apartment or bringing a forgotten cloakroom back to life, it’s easy to be tempted by bright whites when decorating these smaller spaces. But this can create a dull finish which lacks imagination! Subtler off whites, darker shades and richer colours create a real sense of intimacy, so be bold and embrace the littlest rooms in your home with these five helpful tips.


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Ways with White

Brushing a crisp white paint onto your walls might seem like the only way to create light and space, but try using an off white for a softer, more interesting alternative. Relaxed neutrals work brilliantly here as they reflect light really well.

Distraction Tactics

If you want to be a little bolder with your scheme, then strong colours are often the perfect distraction from your room’s shape and compact size. Try deep greens or vivid blues to create an inviting retreat, while adding impact and drama to your interiors.

Take Two

If you’re hoping to use two colours in your room, consider choosing a darker shade for your woodwork. When skirting boards and wooden cladding are very dark, it often makes the larger wall spaces above feel lighter and airier. Plus darker trims give a wonderfully sophisticated and elegant look.

All in One

Try applying just one single colour on woodwork, walls, over the picture rail and up onto your ceiling to give an illusion of height and loftiness. With no point of reference and without contrasts, you’ll be less aware of where the walls start and stop.

Paint a Dado

Creating a painted dado or chair rail is another brilliant way of making a room feel more spacious with just two colours. Try painting the bottom half of the wall with darker shades to really anchor the room. By brushing on a lighter paint above, you’ll find the paler wall will then flow into the ceiling of your small space.

Be Bold

It can be just as effective to embrace the darkness of a small room by using strong colours to create a dramatic, intimate feel. Littler spaces such as cloakrooms and studies are the perfect opportunity to inject bold colour without committing to larger, more lived-in rooms in your home.