Colourful conversations to inspire, delight and educate, this is The Chromologist — a podcast by yours truly.

After years of talking about colour, creativity and design on our blog and social media, we’re bringing these discussions directly to your ears. Each episode, a special guest from the world of design, art and culture will join our very own Patrick O’Donnell to share the shades that have shaped their life. Enjoy!

You can listen to every episode below, on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts.

Episode One: Mary Portas

Businesswoman, broadcaster, author, activist and a familiar face on our television screens, Mary Portas OBE has made her name as an icon of retail. In this episode, we find out all about the colours she’s loved along the way. 

Episode Two: Tan France

Tan France is best known as the fashion expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye and best loved for his sparkling, uplifiting personality. From helping in his grandparents' denim factory to being the face of fashion he is today, discover the colours that capture his journey.

Episode Three: Kassia St Clair

Author of The Secret Lives of Colour, Kassia St Clair is an expert on how colour has been considered throughout history. However, on this episode of the podcast, we find out how she has considered colour throughout her own life.  

Episode Four: Cerys Matthews

Welsh singer, songwriter and broadcaster, Cerys Matthews has been delighting us with her dulcet tones for years. In this episode, she delights us with her charming personality, tales from her life and the colours that mean something to her. 

Episode Five: Christopher John Rogers

Fashion designer Christopher John Rogers is known for his flair with colour. A good friend of Farrow & Ball, he collaborated with us on our Carte Blanche collection last year. In this episode, he’s back with us again, speaking to Patrick about the colours that tell his story.

Episode Six: Skye Gyngell

Michelin-starred chef and former food editor for Vogue, Skye Gyngell is serving up some truly tempting shades in this episode. From her childhood in Australia to her renowned restaurant Spring, discover the colours that tell her story.  

Episode Seven: Eric Underwood

Renowned ballet dancer, actor and model, Eric Underwood takes centre stage on this episode of The Chromologist. From the unwavering support of his mother to his experience advocating for diversity in dance, enjoy this captivating conversation about colour.

Episode Eight: Lucinda Chambers

The former fashion director for British Vogue, Lucinda Chambers is best-known as an icon in the industry. But on this episode of The Chromologist, we’re looking beyond her colourful career and instead, asking how colour has shaped her life as a whole from her childhood to now.