Paint Samples

The best way to experience our colours before taking the plunge is with a true-to-colour paint sample (or two, or five). To help you narrow down your shortlist of shades, our 100ml sample pots are available in every signature Farrow & Ball colour  and dry paint swatches are available for our Carte Blanche collection.

Sample Pots

Whether it comes to you in our smallest samples or our biggest tins, our paint is rigorously tested to the highest standards of colour accuracy and quality, giving you the best possible idea of your finished result.

How to use Farrow & Ball sample pots


Add samples of your favourite colours straight to your basket from our colours   page, place an order for as many sample pots as you like, then sit back and wait for your free delivery!


Rather than applying straight to the wall, we recommend applying two coats of each of your paint samples to separate sheets of paper or card (the bigger the better) and leaving to dry.


Stick your sheets up in the room you’re planning to paint. Move them to other areas of the room to see how the colour changes throughout the day and under different types of light.

Paint Swatches

Available exclusively for the Carte Blanche collection, our generously sized paint swatches are made with Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion for 100% colour accuracy. With no mess and no fuss, they’re easy to move around and layer up with other swatches to create your custom palette.


How to use Farrow & Ball paint swatches

We recommend moving your swatches around the room you’re planning to paint, so you can see how the colours appear at different times of day and in different types of light.

Once you’ve decided on your colours, check the back of each swatch for its recommended shade of Primer & Undercoat and complementary white – everything you need to complete your look.

Sample Every Shade

With 132 samples painted in real Farrow & Ball paint, our colour fan puts every single one of our signature shades at your fingertips. Bigger than our colour card, it’s the perfect tool for giving you an even clearer idea of our palette. Simply hold the samples up against a wall or place a few next to each other to make picturing colour schemes simple.

Paint Sample FAQs

Which colours can I order as a sample pot?

Every colour in our signature palette of 132 colours is available as a 100ml sample pot. Sadly, we’re unable to offer sample pots of our archive colours.

Which colours can I order as a paint swatch?

Each colour in our Carte Blanche collection is available as a 210 x 270mm paper paint swatch.

Where can I buy paint samples?

Choose from our full range of sample pots right here on our website and enjoy free home delivery, or step into your nearest Farrow & Ball showroom or stockist.

What finish do your paint samples come in?

All samples come in our classic chalky matt finish, Estate Emulsion.

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