Red Paint Colours

Red paint is a striking option for rooms of every shape, size and style, and much more versatile than you might think. From moody burgundy to soft terracotta, classic crimson to almost-orange, browse beautiful possibilities for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and more. 

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  1. Red Earth No.64
    by @nikandcarolehome

  2. Picture Gallery Red No.42
    by @cavernadeco

  3. Eating Room Red No.43

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Choosing Your Red Paint Colour

Adored around the world since the Victorian era, red is a warm and welcoming colour, with a shade to suit every style.
It’s no wonder it’s still a favourite today.

Formal Reds

For a slightly formal red, look no further than aged burgundy Eating Room Red, deep crimson Incarnadine or rich Preference Red. Like the slightly cleaner Rectory Red, all these colours have their roots firmly in the past, but they are also perfect for use today, especially on panelling or doors in Full Gloss. 

Fiery Reds

For those who like their reds really spicy, fiery Bamboozle will bring a spirited joy and warmth to any room, as will the equally deep and dramatic, but slightly more playful, Charlotte’s Locks.

Relaxed Reds

If you’re feeling hesitant about these colours, start small; they are particularly suited to very small rooms or the inside of a cupboard.  Equally relaxing but a little stronger, the wonderfully faded tones of Red Earth and earthy Book Room Red will bring warmth to any scheme, while still feeling gloriously informal – perfect for laid-back living rooms.  



Red Earth No.64

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best red paint colour? 

From bold burgundy to tempered terracotta, red paint comes in a variety of shades that all create a different feel. So, finding the ‘best’ red, really means finding the best red for you. To get started, browse a selection of reds and see which ones you feel drawn to.  

What colour goes best with red paint? 

The best colour to complement red, depends on which red you choose and the look you want to create. For a truly classic look, combine a brilliant red or burgundy on the walls with white woodwork. For a softer look, try pairing an earthy red with a Warm Neutral to minimise contrast and create harmony. If you want to create a statement, try experimenting with black, green or pink.

What effect does red paint have on a room? 

With its unrivalled warmth, red paint is a wonderful way to make a room feel cosy. Lighter shades create a relaxed, inviting atmosphere, while deep red hues make an elegant, sophisticated statement. 

Should I paint my whole room red? 

Painting a whole room red may seem bold, but using one shade like this can almost make it act as a neutral. A muted red like Red Earth adds a relaxed feel while a bolder shade like Bamboozle brings energy to your scheme. If you’re unsure, you can always start experimenting in a small space or somewhere you use less often, like a guest bedroom.  

How can I choose the right shade of red? 

Choosing the right red for your room means thinking about how you want the space to feel and how you want to use it. If you want a cosy room you can retreat to in the evening you might want a different red than if you want to create a vibrant, energetic playroom. We always recommend sampling a few shades to see how they look in your light.

How do I make sure I get the best finish with red paint? 

Achieving the best result begins long before you start painting. Firstly, make sure you choose the right finish for the surface, which our finish finder can help with. Then prepare and prime, so that when you do start painting, your chosen finish glides on and stays put. Of course, we always recommend using a quality paint that’s packed with pigment for a rich depth of colour.