Dead Flat Paint Finish

Walls & Ceiling: Sulking Room Pink No.295 , painted in Dead Flat


Dead Flat is our multi-surface, ultra matte finish for walls, woodwork and metal, with added toughness.

Dead Flat was developed by Farrow & Ball over 70 years ago to recreate the 18th century ‘flatted lead’ paint effect. This traditional method originally involved teams of artisans painstakingly layering coats of paint to build a deep, rich and pigmented matte look, which was often reserved for the formal reception rooms of a house due to the work involved.

A chance discovery of a tin of Dead Flat in the early 90s by Tom Helme was a pivotal moment in creating the Farrow & Ball of today; impressed by the simplicity, quality and depth of colour, he sought out the manufacturing company and together they bought it, setting the brand on a renewed path to the future.

Now the research and technology experts have reinterpreted Dead Flat again, with a breakthrough in chemistry delivering the celebrated historic richness of colour combined with an incredibly durable paint. This new, effortlessly easy-to-use formulation can be painted onto walls, woodwork and metal, making it the ultimate choice for modern homes.

Dead Flat


Discover Dead Flat: multi-surface, impressively durable and our most matt finish yet. Quite simply, this is paint perfected.




All Farrow & Ball finishes are water based, quick drying, and low in odour and VOCs.

  • Multi-surface for walls, woodwork and metal
  • Ultra matte from every angle: 2% sheen
  • Durable and scuff resistant
  • Washable colour that won’t transfer or mark when wiped
  • Trace VOC and low odour
  • Water based, toy safe formula
  • High coverage, easy-to-apply with minimal splatter

Up to 480ftper Gallon

750ml, US Gallon

2%, even at wide viewing angles

Dry in 2 hours, recoat in 4 hours