Look Down

The way we decorate our homes is changing. We’re not only interested in decorating our walls, but in giving floors a makeover too. Whether yours is wooden, concrete or flagstone, Modern Eggshell is the toughest product in our range - formulated to add lasting colour to interior floors with a 40% mid sheen.

  • Floors have become a space to display artwork and do something different. Add interest to your room by using a single strong colour, painting simple stripes or - if you’re feeling creative – emulating a patchwork of geometric tiles with painted pattern.

  • Try using a single colour such as Pointing throughout your home to create a Scandinavian feel, or a stronger shade like Black Blue to really ground your space with an architectural twist.

Floor in Cromarty No.285Arsenic No.214 and Vardo No.288 | Modern Eggshell

  • Alternate between dark colour on risers and lighter colour on the steps of your staircase, adding visual interest and disguising the scuff marks made by climbing feet.

  • Unexpected colour combinations like Arsenic, Babouche and Dove Tale will make your floors a real talking point, perhaps as a painted stair runner or distinctive rug.

  • For an instant burst of colour and texture, explore our unique collection of handloom rugs created in collaboration with The Rug Company to perfectly complement the Farrow & Ball palette.

Create patterned stair risers