Colour Drenching

We recommend all-new Dead Flat for your colour drenching transformation.

Colour drenching simply means painting everything the same shade: the walls, woodwork, ceiling and even radiators or furniture.

It’s become more and more popular recently, but this way of decorating is far from a fleeting trend. Now, thanks to multi-surface, durable Dead Flat, it’s easier than ever to try in your space.

Whether you want to make a room feel bigger and lighter or cosy and inviting, there’s a way to make colour drenching suit you – it’s all about which colour you choose.

Light & Airy Colour Drench Room Schemes

Taking a light or mid shade across your whole space can help to make a room feel bigger and airier, by blurring the line where the walls and ceiling meet.

It works especially well in awkward shaped spaces like narrow hallways, to help create the illusion of a bit more space.

Light & Airy Inspiration Gallery

Dark & Dramatic Colour Drench Room Schemes

Darker tones work wonderfully for colour drenching, creating a cosy cocoon of colour. This especially suits rooms you use in the evening, inviting you to sit down, relax and stay a while.

For even more impact, opt for an ultra-matt finish, like our new Dead Flat, which makes dark colours even richer and more tantalising.

Dark & Dramatic Inspiration Gallery

Calming & Tranquil Colour Drench Room Schemes

Colour drenching can create wonderfully calm spaces, perfect for nurseries, offices and anywhere else you want to add a dose of peace.

By painting everything in the same shade, you avoid creating any strong contrasts or harsh lines. Instead, your eye simply drifts across the room, for a gentle, tranquil feel.

Calming & Tranquil Inspiration Gallery