Colour Consultancy Case Studies

Our Colour Consultants know better than most that every home, just like every homeowner, is unique. We got in touch with a few of our recent clients to see how they combined their own vision for their homes with our Consultants’ expertise to create truly tailored schemes they love.

The Client – Natalie Jones, Somerset, UK

Walls, Ceiling and Woodwork: Pink Ground No.202 in Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell

The Brief

“The front of my house is north facing, which means the light doesn’t flood the rooms particularly well, and that the colour I’d previously chosen ended up feeling heavy and slightly depressing. I was looking for a palette that was uplifting and would inject some colour and warmth. I love interiors and many different styles, so my problem is that I want to try everything out!”

Walls and Ceiling: Lamp Room Gray No.88 in Modern Emulsion; Panelling: Bancha No.298 in Modern Eggshell

The Colour Consultancy

The appointment was fantastic. I’m not so great at judging when a colour is cool or warm, so it was such a privilege to talk to someone who knows colours as if they’re people! My Consultant was a true expert and knew the Farrow & Ball palette inside out. It was amazing to see her flick through the swatches knowing exactly what she was looking for.

Walls: Studio Green No.93 in Modern Emulsion

The Results

“I would definitely recommend the service to others. In fact, I want my Consultant to come back and work with me on other areas of the house! I would describe it as a colour service that holds your hand with decisions about colour while encouraging you to see it – and use it – in new ways. Some of the colours I was initially nervous about are now my favourite parts of the house

Natalie's palette

No. 299


No. 31


No. 5


No. 202


No. 298


No. 93

The Client – Alessandra Taccia, Cambridge, UK

Walls, Ceiling and Trim: School House White No.291 in Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell

The Brief

“My focus was a room with no direct light, and I’d tried to overcome this in various ways over the years with no real success. The aim was to achieve a well-balanced, non-fussy environment using neutral colours without looking boring. They also had to work in every light condition and to be the perfect canvas for the muted tones of my paintings.”

Walls: School House White No.291 in Estate Emulsion; Ceiling: Old White No.4 in Estate Emulsion

The Colour Consultancy

“The session was a refreshing experience. My Consultant listened carefully and was attentive to the decoration of the rest of the house, materials, textures, light conditions and architectural details. She was very knowledgeable about the Farrow & Ball palette, and colour and design generally – while the way colours affect each other is pivotal to my painting practice, I can find the dynamics daunting in other circumstances.”

Walls, Ceiling and Trim: School House White No.291 in Estate Emulsion and Estate Eggshell

The Results

“Before, the room felt somehow unresolved – now, I’m very happy with it. My Consultant gave me a fresh way of seeing it when I’d all but given up, was tired of trying samples, and worried about redecorating it with the wrong colours, which I’d already done at least four times before my appointment. All my family members now like the room as much as I do, and I receive compliments from everyone who sees it.”

Alessandra's hero colours

No. 291


No. 4