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Yellow-Based Neutrals

Bathroom Wall In Farrow & Ball Paint
Bathroom wall in White Tie No.2002, bath in Pelt No.254, woodwork in Pointing No.2003 and floor in Cornforth White No.228 | Modern Emulsion

The prettiest and simplest of the neutral groups. The Yellow Based Neutrals have creamy undertones giving them a country feel that’s very easy to live with. However, they should never be thought of as yellow – their traditional values stem from the addition of a minute amount of black, which takes them from the ordinary to the special.

Even their names give this group a real family feel, accent with Cord and Cat’s Paw (relations of String) or Tanner’s Brown to give added interest to this scheme. Although commonly used in a country setting you can give this family a contemporary edge by choosing bold wallpapers like Ocelot BP 3702.

Although the Yellow Based Neutrals are often seen as the prettiest and most easy to live with of the neutral groups, they command strong saturated colours as an accent so that the trim does not look too yellow. Colours like Eating Room Red, India Yellow, Green Smoke and Hague Blue are all bold, but aged tones that will create a cosy atmosphere.