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This classic English floral takes inspiration from 19th century pure silk woven jacquards. With an abundant and blossoming trail of wisteria, the pattern adds a feeling of warmth and romance.

Wallpaper in Wisteria BP2221, skirting in Churlish Green No.251 | Estate Eggshell
Walls in Wisteria BP 2221, skirting: Churlish Green No.251 | Estate Eggshell


Reimagined by Emily Harrold, Colour Consultant at our Solihull showroom

“Wisteria lends itself to the informal feminine feel of the Edwardian era. There’s a poetic movement to the blossom and its soft blue-green hues create a feeling of light and freshness within the home."

“I often draw inspiration from period properties. Strolling through the grounds of Winterbourne House and Garden just around the corner from where I live fuels my appetite for creating beautiful spaces.

I love using heavily patterned paper on all walls in a bedroom. It adds sophistication and makes the room feel considered. All you need then is beautiful bedlinen and a few antique side tables to complete the room.”


Light Blue

Churlish Green


Reimagined by Michael Durand, Colour Consultant at our Lyon showroom

“This colourway is a collaborative design from the Lyon showroom. We wanted to create a wallpaper that combined soft neutrals with darker references.”

“For us, red is reminiscent of the tanned façades in the South of France, while organic Churlish Green and French Gray effortlessly complement the blossoming design.

Redecorating your own bedroom with a statement pattern is a brilliant place to start adding bolder accents as personal tastes can be expressed more easily in this private area of the home. Try introducing wallpaper behind the bed or within a wardrobe.”

Bespoke Red Ground

French Gray

Churlish Green

Wallpaper in Wisteria BP2222, skirting in French Gray No.18 | Estate Eggshell
Walls in Wisteria BP 2222, skirting: French Gray No.18 | Estate Eggshell

Wallpaper in Wisteria BP2223, skirting in Black Blue No.95 | Estate Eggshell
Walls in Wisteria BP 2223, skirting: Black Blue No.95 | Estate Eggshell


Reimagined by Charlotte Maybin, Colour Consultant at our Winchester showroom

“Metallics add depth to a scheme by lifting the design off the wall. I chose a background of darker shades for a glamorous feel and to create a wow factor for the sumptuous Wisteria design.”

“Before starting at Farrow & Ball, I trained in interior design with KLC School of Design and went on to study colour theory with Jane de Sausmarez. My next project is to try my hand at gold leaf gilding!

To introduce pattern into your own home, I would start by creating magic in an occasional space such as a dining room or cloakroom. You can never underestimate the importance of a ceiling colour either. Whether light or dark, subtle or contrasting, like the sky above it has the power to create an atmosphere and should not be presumed just white.”

Stiffkey Blue

Bespoke Copper Metallic

Black Blue