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Tourbillon is taken from the Ducharne studio which created designs for some of the most famous couture houses in France from the 1920s to 1960s. The paper is composed of segmented circles which blend to give a graphic look.


Wall & Ceiling Primer & Undercoat


Wall & Ceiling Primer & Undercoat 3.8 5 13 13
Disappointing Application I am a fan of Farrow and Ball and have never had problems with the paint - until this time. As I was painting over light coloured walls I decided to use the primer and undercoat to ensure the best possible finish, but like some other reviewers I found the process unusually problematic. I worked quickly and avoided overbrushing but the slightest touch caused the paint to pull off the wall and plasticise. All the walls had been prepared and some walls had been recently skimmed with new plaster. Interestingly, the newly skimmed walls presented no problems. Mine is an old house so the interior has gained accretions of decorative work as a result of a long life. I am always careful to put in the preparatory work but I am sure I can be given a reason as to why I have had this problem on this occasion. However, I suspect I am not alone in using Farrow and Ball products (and paying the extra) because I rely on the quality of the product to help me achieve a good result with the less than perfect. Sadly, I feel rather let down on this occasion. 25 November 2014
Overall great product Amazingly prompt deliver, which came very well packaged. Incredibly easy to roll on the walls. The only thing I have noticed is once on the wall, it's not advisable to run the roller back over completed sections to rework. Really good coverage. 09 October 2014
Would be better having the same colour primer as the paint Wasn't keen on having a green coloured primer - took three coats of the paint (London Stone) before we couldn't see the green. 26 June 2014
Worth every penny I was a bit sceptical in using a specialist primer rather than just white emulsion to prime the walls, but I am so glad I did. Although sanded and smooth, the walls looked patchy where the light was catching them and they looked uneven and messy. One coat of primer, I used mid tones having read one of the reviews, and two coats of manor house grey estate emulsion and the result is fantastic. Would definetely recommend it. 27 September 2013
Definitely worth investing in the primer and undercoat This product has great depth of colour and density, and is a necessity in order to achieve the perfect colour on the final finish. And it is as important to choose the right tone of undercoat to suit the topcoat, but well worth the effort. I have now finished decorating the whole of my house using all Farrow and Ball products and the finished colours are exactly as I had envisioned. Definitely more expensive than other named products - but definitely worth investing in! 14 July 2013
lovely finish when used with top coat The range of colours of Farrow and Ball paints suits my tastes. this is the only paint which I have found that produces the same colour on the walls as described, and is shown on the shade card because of this, and the wide range of tones and shades I would always go for Farrow and Ball paint. Although, there is a limited stock at Homebase in Wick I am pleased that it is available on-line for those of us who live far from civilisation. I would recommend both the bathroom and kitchen range and the matt emulsions which are terrific. 31 May 2013
Undercoat is flaking I have never used undercoat paint before and never had any problems with the final results. However, this time I wanted the best finish possible and decided to use F&B undercoat for mid tones. The wall had been sanded and was clean. The undercoat started flaking in places within an hour after application down to the very plasterboard, so sanding will not help and I will need to use the filler. My understanding was that he undercoat worked as a sealant to prevent this not cause he problem! Instead, I have wasted hours and will need to resand again. What a waste of money! 05 May 2013
Covered very dark red walls prefectly We have used Farrow and Ball paints before but not the undercoat/primer range. We needed to obliterate very dark red paint and did not want to take any chances. We were not disappointed, the paint is really nice to apply and the change was immediate, highly recommend this product will be using in the future. 31 March 2013
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Designed for use under Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion. Farrow & Ball Primers & Undercoats are the crucial foundation to our topcoat. They ensure your colour is always primed for attention. It is important to use the correct type and colour of Farrow & Ball Primer and Undercoat, and is available in four colours dependent on your top coat colour. Click on 'Help with colours' below to find the correct colour.

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For use on exterior woodwork to provide a protective and breathable foundation when using Exterior Eggshell or Full Gloss. For use on plaster when using Estate® Emulsion and Modern Emulsion. For use on bare wood when using Estate® Eggshell, Full Gloss and Dead Flat. The primer you have selected is not available.

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