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We carefully source our ingredients from suppliers both old and new, near and far, to ensure you’ll find only the highest quality in each tin.

Our Finest Quality Ingredients

Rich pigments: Sourced from Europe, India and China, we use a blend of up to five pigments to create our hues, giving you a wonderful depth of colour.

Titanium dioxide: High levels of this bright white pigment give our paint exceptional durability and hiding power in just two coats, ensuring yours is a long-lasting finish.

China clay: This fine white powder gives our paint its signature chalky finish, creating the distinctive Farrow & Ball look in your home.

Water: A water base ensures our paint is fast drying, easy to apply and low in odour. Simply wash brushes in warm soapy water.


There’s an exact science to combining the ingredients within our closely guarded formulas.

Each are added in precisely the right amount before being scrupulously tested, giving you the extraordinary colour and long-lasting finish you expect every time.

Our Unique Formulations