Drawing Room Blue

No. 253

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Drawing Room Blue is less purple than Pitch Blue and more lively than Stiffkey Blue. It has a clean graphic feel to it so is particularly good for use in teenage boys bedrooms alongside Pitch Black and Incarnadine. When contrasted with All White on woodwork, it becomes more formal with a regal edge to it. Dark Tones Undercoat.

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Not great. Even with a dark undercoat and three coats, this blue is far far brighter and more vibrant than it appears on the screen or the colour chart. This is far closer to a royal or tory blue. To be honest, it looks rather municipal and cheap. It's shame F&B can't be more accurate. A few hundred pounds wasted on paint that will now sit on a shelf in the garage. Poor show all round. Not recommended. 03 June 2015
Too vibrant I bought this colour to paint shelves and cupboards in my living room alcoves after seeing some painted in Down Pipe in a magazine. I was going to paint them in downpipe but the paper sample of it looked more grey than I wanted so I chose drawing room blue. What a mistake! While the quality and ease of use is great, the colour was all wrong. It looks like the sample when in low light but in daylight it's really bright blue, not a colour you want in your living room. My shelves looked like they belonged in a primary school library. I had to buy more paint and do them again in a different colour. I'm disappointed that the sample book is so inaccurate, especially since I'm on a tight budget and tester pots are so expensive. I would not recommend this colour to a friend. 26 April 2015
A classy paint which has worked well for several kinds of use My introduction to Farrow and Ball came about a year ago when my wife and I wanted to repaint our front door and the wooden decorations on the exterior. I had a particular kind of blue in mind, and had initially got nowhere near it with any of the high street brands. On a recommendation, I contacted F&B and a member of their team suggested Drawing Room Blue, and although my attempts to describe the colour I had in mind were probably quite imprecise they clearly understood, as the colour turned out to be absolutely spot on. For the exterior I used dark primer and two coats of the paint, and am delighted by the results. Although the colour is fairly dark, the hue is distinctive even in low light, and it manages this without resorting to any hint of garishness. I have also used it for part of a fireplace in quite a small room with a low ceiling that is dimly lit and has very variable amounts of sunshine. Again, its hue stays visible and it doesn't create any sense of oppressiveness even in this setting where one might be panicked into using bright colours. I can't judge its handling as I'm a lousy painter; fortunately I didn't find it too hard to remove from the floor (and my shoes)! I ended up with some small imperfections, but I have an old, quirky house where nothing is parallel with anything else, and the result is right for what I want. I used exterior eggshell for the exterior woodwork as well as the fireplace and some skirting boards and I got the look that I wanted. I can't report on how the gloss or other finishes handle. For my internal uses it was going over lighter colours and it worked fine with two coats and no undercoat. In conclusion, this is paint that suggests confidence, classiness, quality, dignity, stability, and good taste. 27 February 2015
A lovely vibrant blue that goes on like a dream. A great success. A vibrant velvety deep rich blue even on grey winter days. Looks fabulous with a scattering of recessed spotlights - like the night sky dusted with stars. Reading earlier reviews I was worried about application. In the event it went on like a dream. I used paint from the sample pot on my kitchen ceiling, applying it with a brush - no primer, no undercoat, straight onto the old paint. It was a pleasure to use and no brush strokes showing. When the professional applied this paint to the clean, primed kitchen ceiling he found it easy to apply with a roller. Even after only one coat everyone who has seen it pronounces it inspired and a huge success. They - and I - love it. The second coat at the end of the job should really make this blue sing out. 14 February 2015
A very warm colour and makes the room feel larger. Excellent paint and easy to apply. Needed three coats to make sure there was no colour difference on the walls when the light hits them but very pleased with the end results. Dries lighter than the colour shown on the paint chart but this was the colour we were after, and love how it changes colour with the sun light through out the day. Thanks. 08 January 2015
A rich, warm, grounding blue I used Drawing Room Blue eggshell on the bead board wainscot of the bathroom, with Borrowed light estate emulsion on the walls above. The dark blue is distinctly cobalt with a tinge of purple which gives it warmth. I used Dark Tones undercoat primer which was crucial for two reasons: I was painting on pure white Asic beadboard (pvc material) which does not accept paint well. The primer helped the paint to stick. A consistent dark undercoat is crucial to avoid streakiness with such a dark color. I was careful to tape off other surfaces which gave sharp clean lines. The effect of the dark blue was to ground the details in an ethereal pale blue and white bathroom. The woodwork is Pointing eggshell. 17 December 2014
Perfect finishing touch After some major redecoration - living room, dining room, hall stairs and landing, we decided to give the front door a new look. Fantastic results even though our local DIY store advised that this colour was no longer available. We ordered direct from F and B with no problem, great service and an excellent product. 02 December 2014
I had high hopes, but sadly I can't reccommend this paint... I had high hopes, but sadly I can't reccommend this paint...having done plenty of research into a paint for our new front door, we settled on a Farrow & Ball dark primer and exterior drawing room blue colour. We followed the instructions to the letter, using the right preparation process, primers and sanding and surace cleaning. This paint comes out of the tin seemingly fine but goes onto a clean surface lumpy, and gunges up quickly throughout application. We sanded it back to have a second pass, but sadly this didn't improve matters. We now have a front door in a rather nice blue but very rough finish, so will have to sand it right back again and apply another manufacturers oil-based paint to achieve the desired high quality finish. I'd love to have had positive things to say about this as many friends have recommend the F&B range. I have since however discussed the issue with many trade painters and they tend to F&B paints, chossing other oil-based brands that provide a smoother finish. I'd very much like the opportunity to explore a refund with F&B which would somehwhat take the edge off this experience and time wasted. Here's hoping someone could contact me to have a chat about it. I hope others fare better but it's worth trying a few brands for contrasting results before you cover your whole door in this F&B paint. All the best, Al 29 May 2014
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