Old White

No. 4

* Samples available in Estate Emulsion only. Colours on screen may vary from actual paint.

Old White earns its name by being the most historic of all our whites. It can read as a drab green, particularly in north facing rooms, but feels more like a traditional soft grey in well lit spaces. This is the most sophisticated of colours which feels just at home in the drawing room of a historic house as it does in the kitchen of a modern family home. Mid Tones Undercoat.

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Old White 4.8 5 28 28
One-removed review This product was bought for the person moving into the house where it had been used previously to great effect. Having had to remove and repair places where pictures had hung, it seemed only fair to provide the new houseowner with the correct paint to make good any remaining faults. She was delighted to receive it and, as far as I know, is equally pleased with the result. 15 May 2015
Superb paint. Second to none! We bought two delightful Lead Roof Titcotes at Harrogate Flower Show some time ago and wanted to touch up the Finial where the constant flow of birds had dirtied it. I contacted the manufacturer, Saville's Dovecotes, and learnt that he always uses F&B and the colour of ours is Old White. We bought a tin on the net and the bird houses look brand new again. An excellent product! 13 April 2015
LOVELY FINISH Great colour, very much like a putty colour with a slight hint of palest olive. Really lovely to work with. Small can went really far. Looks fab in my kitchen. 07 April 2015
1694 Listed cottate We have painted the exterior woodwork in Old White, the conservation office recommended the colour. The woodwork used to be painted white. Old white compliments the mullions and takes on different shades in different lights although it still looks white. I love their paint!! 03 April 2015
Classy Result! Our landing, stairs (2 flights) and hall have now been completed in Old White, with one feature wall in London Stone. The Estate Emulsion looks stunning and the whole effect is one of sophistication. We have grown up (at 66!). 30 March 2015
A great colour on wood We recently had new wooden wardrobes fitted in our bedroom and decided to go with Old White. We are delighted with the results and love how it looks in our room. I would agree with other reviews that it has a cream/green/clay look to the colour, depending on the the light. The bedroom walls are also painted with Farrow and Ball's Parma Gray as well. Since doing up this room we have bought Farrow and Ball's Green Blue and Pavilion Gray for other rooms in the house. The decorator's coming on Monday so we'll see how they turn out. 28 February 2015
Painted hallway Decided to use this product to paint the woodwork and radiators in our hallway after getting tired of the previous star white colour. It's a lovely old fashioned and romantic shade of white/green/clay which has somehow made the hall look both more period and sophisticated. Very little paint splatter and easy application. 16 February 2015
Old White lives up to its claims Our project was to combine two adjacent bedrooms into one large master bedroom. The house section where the rooms are located dates from ca. 1920 and still has its original casement windows. As the combined room receives light from three different directions (north, east & south), I knew that the quality of the light would vary throughout the room and throughout the day. Our house has an original core that dates from 1854, with an addition that was added sometime between 1905-1918, so the overall interior details have an "old" look. I wanted a colour that would enhance the style of the house's features and that would respond well to a wide range of light playing on the wall surfaces. F&B Old White is described as a colour that will look "white" in almost any "old" situation. It truly does. When the paint first went on, it had a more warm grey look, but as it dried, it came to look more like an aged white. The wall colour responds beautifully to the various light that falls on it throughout the day, giving subtle variations to the overall off-white tone. The colour enhances the feeling of age in the house, while also having a clean, airy look that manages to give it an updated, contemporary feel, at the same time. I couldn't be happier with the results. The only problem I experienced was some kind of compatibility issue between the F&B primer/undercoat and the new plaster areas that resulted when the dividing wall between the two rooms was removed and repaired. I've had no repeat of this problem with F&B primers or paints in any of our other rooms with original plaster walls, so I assume that it had something to do with the plaster mixture used by our plasterer. (A preservation architect friend mentioned that some modern plaster mixes can have compatibility problems with older plaster, so maybe something similar occurred with the primer.) A light resanding of the cracked/blistered areas and then coating with a drywall sealant solved the problem. After sealing the plaster, we re-primed the affected areas with the F&B undercoat paint before going on to apply the finish paint. F&B staff were very helpful in suggesting how to deal with the problem, so this is also a rave review for their customer service. 04 February 2015
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