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Revealing our key colours for 2017…

Encapsulating both dramatic, vivid hues and more understated, subtle tones, the colours signal a readiness to embrace definite colour within interiors as we become more confident in our decorating choices. The four colours; Radicchio, Studio Green, Hay and All White, have an enduring appeal that remains comfortingly familiar despite being used in surprising combinations. From the timeless, bygone feel of Hay and Studio Green, to the vivacious tones of Radicchio and the counterbalance of pure, uncomplicated All White, the colours have a refined quality that works wonderfully in both contemporary and traditional homes.


Pink has been at the forefront of decorating for the last year and there is now a natural progression to stronger reds, with their spirit of bold optimism. Radicchio feels exuberant, romantic and sensual, rather than clean or graphic, due to its complex underlying blue tone.

The colour sits seamlessly with the harmonious greys, Mole’s Breath, Purbeck Stone and Ammonite, despite their more minimal aesthetic, to create rooms with impact and depth. Radicchio should always be the dominant force of this decorative scheme, while the greys remain an intrinsic, but more recessive element, so rooms remain happy and vital.

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Studio Green

There is something almost defiant about the use of botanic Studio Green on walls instead of the ubiquitous charcoal darks. It is unapologetically clubby and has a fantastically timeless old world quality, but can be used in the most modern of rooms.

The sober colour reflects nature, especially when combined with creams such as New White, Farrow’s Cream and Pointing, all of which blend seamlessly to create rooms that feel calm and serene. Studio Green walls not only create an alluring retreat, but also provide a sanctuary. They contribute to a feeling of both harmony and security, proving that the colour is both aesthetic and protective.

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Understated Hay feels soft and familiar. Its quiet quality creates rooms that have a hushed atmosphere as well as an unmatched depth and gentleness. It is not a hot or sunny yellow - although it becomes more raw in bright light - but rather an aged, whimsical tone with an underlying green.

The colour is best counterbalanced with the tonally harmonious Oval Room Blue and Setting Plaster to create life-affirming rooms reminiscent of a midcentury palette. Delicate Wimborne White could then be used as a warm, reflective neutral on the ceiling. Although this combination of colours feels rather eclectic in nature, it creates spaces that feel established as well as being fun and easy to live with.

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All White

A pure white like this is devoid of both colour and association. All White has no pigment and creates an uncomplicated feel which is naturally fresh, but not stark or ‘brilliant’. The key to this look is to create a mood of stillness and calm by layering different whites, and only whites, together.

Great White, Cabbage White and Strong White, with their different nuances of colour, can be used in any combination with All White to create subtle decorative surprises. They also create the perfect backdrop for both art and natural materials. These seemingly simple colours evoke a complex response when combined in this way.

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