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Choosing one of our six neutral groups is a wonderful way of achieving a timeless and cohesive scheme in your home. Each group contains four colours that sit effortlessly together for an understated look, or as a base for bolder shades and patterns.

1. Start by deciding which group you are most drawn to. By picking your favourite tones, you’ll create a welcoming retreat that naturally reflects your personality.

2. Consider the light in your room. Would it benefit from warm undertones or would you like to embrace its cool light?

3. Finally, think of the style of your property. If you’d like more of a heritage feel, opt for the softer Traditional, Yellow Based and Red Based Neutrals. For a contemporary finish, try the subtle grey tones of our Contemporary, Easy and Architectural Neutrals.

Remember your woodwork, ceiling, floors and doors. The transformation of a room may start with the walls, but for a carefully balanced scheme think of the room as a whole.


Farrow & Ball Traditional Neutrals

Yellow Based

Farrow & Ball Yellow-Based Neutrals

Red Based

Farrow & Ball Red-Based Neutrals


Farrow & Ball Contemporary Neutrals


Farrow & Ball Architectural Neutrals