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Latin for the hellebore flower, this maximalist design is one of the largest motifs in our collection. First drawn with a pipette for a sense of unrestrained fluidity, each expressive petal feels as though it is unfurling on the wall. The organic patterns throughout Helleborus hint of growth and rejuvenation, transforming the home into a warm and wonderful retreat.

Farrow & Ball Helleborus Wallpaper


Inchyra Blue

Farrow & Ball Helleborus Wallpaper


Churlish Green

Temper this maximalist design with barely-there shades Peignoir and Calamine in BP 5603 for the subtlest of schemes, or confidently embrace the larger-than-life pattern with Helleborus BP 5605 printed in rich Vardo and Inchyra Blue.

Design Tip: To recreate the maximalist trend in your own home, stir up a riot of pattern and colour by combining zingy velvets, eclectic furniture designs and our Helleborus wallpaper.

Farrow & Ball Helleborus Wallpaper



Farrow & Ball Helleborus Wallpaper

Parma Gray


Watch the petals of Helleborus unfurl in this behind the scenes video…