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Less rigid and defined than a classic floral pattern, each colourful spray within our Hegemone wallpaper is wonderfully optimistic and looks almost as if it has been cut from paper. Taking its name from the Greek goddess of fruit and flowers, the design blooms freely in all directions to bring your walls to life.

Farrow & Ball Hegemone Wallpaper

Joa's White

London Stone


Farrow & Ball Hegemone Wallpaper

Stiffkey Blue

Dix Blue

Old White


Design Tip: Create a hushed and calming retreat by combining colours you’d find in nature, picking organic shapes and patterns or dotting seasonal blooms about the room.

Handcrafted with a traditional roller block printing method, there are seven colourways to choose from. Add a pop of vibrant colour to your walls with the Vardo backdrop and Churlish Green petals of BP 5705 or subtly add pattern to the room with understated Cromarty and Wimborne White within BP 5704.

Farrow & Ball Hegemone Wallpaper


Churlish Green

Shadow White

Farrow & Ball Hegemone Wallpaper


Wimborne White

Blue Gray

Watch as Hegemone blooms before your eyes in this behind the scenes video…