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Colour Tips from Farrow & Ball


Layer more than one colour in a room to create added interest. For example, if you use Matchstick No.2013 on the walls, String No.8 could be used on the woodwork and a stronger colour such as Cat’s Paw No.240 or Mouse's Back No.40 could be introduced on furniture, fireplaces or in the backs of bookcases.

  • Matchstick Matchstick2013
  • String String8
  • Cat's Paw Cat's Paw240
  • Mouse's Back Mouse's Back40


In general, cool colours make a room feel larger and give a more formal look to a room. To create a cool scheme, try colours such as Strong White No.2001, Blackened No.2011, Skylight No.205, Green Ground No.206, and Pavilion Gray No.242. To make a room feel larger choose cool colours, but beware of making a room feel cold by using strong shades of blues and greens. In normal situations a mid tone green or blue colour like Cooking Apple Green No.32, Light Blue No.22 or Blue Gray No.91 work best.

  • Strong White Strong White 2001
  • Blue Gray Blackened 2001
  • Skylight Skylight 205
  • Green Ground Green Ground 206
  • Pavilion Gray Pavilion Gray 2042
  • Cooking Apple Green Cooking Apple 32
  • Light Blue Light Blue 21
  • Blue Gray Blue Gray 91


Warm colours make a room feel smaller and give a more relaxed feel. If this is your wish, the world is your oyster and the stronger the tone the greater the impact. Try Picture Gallery Red No.42 Estate Emulsion or, for the really adventurous, Radicchio No.96 in Full Gloss on the walls. A combination of Joa’s White No.226 and Archive No.227 with Dimity No.2008 is also an attractive and warm scheme.

  • Picture Gallery Red Gallery Red 42
  • Radicchio Radicchio 96
  • Joa's White Joa's White 226
  • Archive Archive 207
  • Dimity Dimity 2008


For a restful look it is best to use a single neutral colour. Contrasts and strong colours create a distraction and take away from a feeling of calm. If you use a single colour then you can afford to use slightly stronger tones such as Savage Ground No.213, Stony Ground No.211 or Joa's White No.226, all of which are very popular.

  • Savage Ground Savage Ground 213
  • Stony Ground Stony Ground 211
  • Joa's White Joa's White 226


If you are looking to expand on light and space, use the lightest colour on the biggest area. Contrast this with darker woodwork to make the walls look even lighter.


If you want a house to flow from room to room, choose paints that have the same weight of colour within them. Strong colours are great but do think about how they relate to one another. Make sure you are happy with the flow and that it doesn’t shock or jar from one room to another. A Stone Blue No.86 hallway leading into a Rectory Red No.217 living room will work well because the weight of colour is balanced.

  • Stone Blue Stone Blue 86
  • Rectory Red Rectory Red 217
responsive image Wall: Shaded White No.201 Modern Emulsion Woodwork: London Stone No.6 Estate Eggshell Ceiling: Strong White No.2001 Modern Emulsion